Waterman’s Luxury Dog Shampoo

Watermans luxury dog shampoo

This week, we have tried and tested Waterman’s luxury dog shampoo. Now, Waterman’s is actually a brand that specialises in human hair products….but they certainly got this luxury dog shampoo right! Introducing Waterman’s luxury dog shampoo Waterman’s have developed this specially formulated PH balancing pet shampoo that can be used on both dogs and cats. … Read more

Cows Ears for Dogs

Cows Ears for Dogs

Every dog owner is looking for natural chews that will keep your dog happy whilst being good for their health at the same time. Cow ears completely fit the bill – they are great for dogs. Can dogs eat cows ears? Can dogs eat cow ears? Yes, they are a safe and healthy food for … Read more

Best Food for Patterdales

best dog food for terriers

Terriers such as Jack Russells and Patterdale terriers generally have quite a sturdy stomach! But it’s still important to find a food that suits your dogs taste and stomach. Diet has a big impact on your dogs health and coat. So, what is the best food for terriers? Why a Healthy Diet is so important … Read more

Dog Walks in Yorkshire

Dog Walks in Yorkshire

The peaks and moors of Yorkshire provide a beautiful backdrop to any walk with your dog. Here are just a few of the best walks in Yorkshire for you and Fido: The Kettlewell Valley, near Grassington Take this breathtaking route through limestone cliffs where wild deer can often be spotted grazing on grassy hillsides. The … Read more

Radio City Crosby Beach Dog Walk

Radio City Crosby Beach Dog Walk

This weekend, we headed to Crosby beach for a pack walk organised in collaboration with Radio City. Thankfully, storm Corrie held off and the weather on Sunday morning was perfect for dog walking. Crosby beach is an excellent place for the dogs because it has so many different terrains – the woodland walk, the pier, … Read more

Working Terrier Guide

Working Terrier Characteristics

Today we’re taking a look at the life of a working terrier. We will be considering the best breeds of working terrier and the characteristics that you should look out for. My last Jack Russell, Milo wasn’t a ‘working dog’ as such, but he certainly kept our yard (and the neighbours yard) free from vermin! … Read more

Do Puppies Lose Teeth?

Do Puppies Lose Teeth

Do Puppies Lose Teeth? Yes, puppies do lose their teeth.  Just like human babies, puppies grow baby teeth, to begin with, and these baby teeth fall out and are replaced by adult teeth.  The main difference between our canine pals and human babies is that it all happens in a much shorter time for puppies. … Read more