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Dogs are known as man’s best friend for a reason. The friendly canine companions have been around since the beginning of time, and eventually domesticated into one of the world’s most lovable and fluffiest creatures. Today, dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world. Some researchers estimate that over 470 million dogs are kept as pets by families or people across the globe, making them the top dog in more ways than one! But many dogs are guilty of wolfing down their food and so today we are looking for the best slow eating dog bowl!

Because dogs are such well loved members of our families, people have wasted no time inventing all kinds of devices and mechanisms to promote healthy growth and long lives in our canine friends. Feeding time is one of the best ways to ensure your dog is eating healthily and happily. Giving your dog the right amount of the right food is essential to promoting longevity and overall canine health, but too many dogs have a tendency to eat quickly and overeat, thus gaining a lot of weight or damaging their internal digestive system. One solution to fast-eating pooches are slow feeder dog bowls. 

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl,...
IOKHEIRA Slow Feeder Dog Bowls, Non...
Wangstar Slow Pet Bowl Slow Feeder...
Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl,...
IOKHEIRA Slow Feeder Dog Bowls, Non...
Wangstar Slow Pet Bowl Slow Feeder...
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Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl,...
Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl,...
IOKHEIRA Slow Feeder Dog Bowls, Non...
IOKHEIRA Slow Feeder Dog Bowls, Non...
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Wangstar Slow Pet Bowl Slow Feeder...
Wangstar Slow Pet Bowl Slow Feeder...
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Why get a Slow Eating Dog Bowl?

A slow eating dog bowl will work to slow down how fast your dog is able to access their food, thus regulating their eating speed and overall making their meals easier on their digestive systems. From motorized food releases to puzzle shaped, maze like bowls, your dog’s food is carefully and slowly delivered to them, making eating exciting and manageable at the same time. Try out these recommendations for top slow feeder dog bowls that are sure to keep both pet and owner happy!

What is the best Slow Eating Dog Bowl you can Buy Online?

Outward Hound Fun Feeder

This colourful dog bowl is a bestseller for many reasons. The spiral grooves on the inside of the bowl create a maze that slows down eating by up to ten times a dog’s normal meal speed, creating more opportunities for digestion. They prevent puppy bloat and obesity, and can also make eating exciting for lethargic or resistant dogs. Made of high-quality, non-toxic materials, these feeders rinse easily and work hard every day of the year!

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl,...
  • SLOWS DOWN EATING UP TO 10X: Outward Hound uniquely designed Fun Feeder dog bowls feature meal-lengthening ridges to help slow down your dog’s eating time by 10X
  • AIDS IN PROPER DIGESTION: Common issues that arise in fast-eating dogs include bloating, regurgitation, and canine obesity. Our Fun Feeder Slo Bowls both challenge and engage your dog during mealtime while helping reduce overeating behavior
  • MADE WITH NON-SLIP BASE AND FOOD SAFE MATERIALS: Outward Hound's Fun Feeder Slo Bowl, slow feeder dog bowls are made to hold in both fun and food as your dog forages through the fun patterns with its non-slip base. Bowls are BPA, PVC, and phthalate free

PAW5 Rock ‘N Bowl Puzzle Feeder

Take feeding to the next level with this interactive doggie bowl. The three dimensional bowl shape on this fun and functional feeder makes for a rolling play toy that will captivate all kinds of dogs. The bowl design plays off your dog’s natural hunt and forage instincts, working to create longer, healthier mealtimes.

PAW5 Rock 'N Bowl Puzzle Feeder Dog...
  • Global Store items have separate terms, are sold from abroad, and may differ from the UK version, including fit, age ratings, and labelling.

Wangstar Slow Pet Bowl Feeder

Another creative addition to the slow feeder line, this wavy mazed bowl is designed for smaller dogs or cats who need a measured approach to their diet. With a non-slip base that makes it hard for your beloved pet to knock over or move their bowl while they eat, this one is practically a fail-safe.

Wangstar Slow Pet Bowl Slow Feeder...
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: the Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is made by heavy duty plastic, sturdy
  • UNIQUE MAZE DESIGN: the swirl flower pattern of the Slow Bowl is designed to slow down rapid eating, stop choking, interactive and fun feeder,
  • NO-SLIP BOWL FOR PETS: The base of the Interactive Dog Fun Feeder has NON SLIP design, prevent your dog from sliding and moving around

Neater Slow Feeder

This plastic model features the best parts of slow feeder technology- measured but accessible to all pets. Each spike creates an exciting and interactive feed experience for your pets while still feeding your dog the full amount of their meal. Upgrade to a six cup size or purchase a combination food dish and water dish for maximum benefit.

Neater Pet Brands - Neater Slow...
  • SLOW HEALTHY FUN EATING – Veterinarian Recommended bowl Reduces Bloat & Improves Digestion
  • COMFORTABLE SLOW FEED DESIGN – Works for all dog breeds – even flat faced and large breeds as well as cats
  • MADE IN USA, Non-Slip & Non-Toxic – Neater Slow Feeder is made of strong ABS plastic with non-slip feet and is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. Dishwasher safe (top rack).

Neater No-Tip Food Bowl

This no-tip food bowl version is designed to outlast pets who think they’ve figured out the secret to cracking puzzle feeders. Flat and heavy due to its stainless steel construction, your pet will have a hard time spilling their food but still be able to eat slowly and healthily. It also washes and cleans easily for hygienic and regular use!

Neater Pet Brands Slow Feed Bowl...
  • Slows down rapid eaters — Eating too quickly can lead to indigestion, vomiting, bloat, and overeating. Using this dog bowl slows down eating which helps prevent your dog from the dreaded “scarf and barf.”
  • Dimensions & capacity — Slow feeding dog bowl holds up to 265 g of food. Measures 25 cm diameter across base, 18 cm diameter across top, and 5 cm tall. Great for small to medium sized dog breeds.
  • Non-tip design — If your dog pushes against their bowl while trying to get the food, this slow eating dog bowl will stay put thanks to its non-tip and non-slip design. The rubber ring on the slow feeder bottom prevents sliding and is removable for easy cleaning.

UPSKY Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Colourful and meticulously designed, the UPSKY Slow Feeder dog bowl combines water and food access in an innovative way. Adding in water access helps weigh down the food bowl and makes it harder for your pet to flip or bat at if they’re impatient, and the maze design of the food bowl forces your pet to slow down in order to get all their food, making it a win-win!


BFACCIA Dog Puzzle Feeder

For smart dogs, this puzzle feeder takes dinnertime to the next level. Each individual compartment requires effort and time from your pup in order to access, slowing down their meal speed and promoting their intelligence. A spinning base adds further rotation to amplify the level of intrigue for your pet.

BFACCIA Dog Puzzle Toys Interactive...
  • 【Colorful Design 】The smart dog puzzle toys was designed strategically using vibrant colors within the spectrum of your dogs vision. The vibrant blue, yellow and white colors on these treat dispensing dog toys are sure to captivate your puppies/medium-sized dogs attention and motivate them to find their dog treats and surely get a field magic roller ball toy for dogs
  • 【Slow Feeder Dog Bowls】The interactive dog toys is a great way to slow down eating and meal times to improve digestion and prevent bloat, as well as being a entertaining dog enrichment toy.
  • 【Stimulate Brain Activity】 Puppy game toys are not only for fun but they also strengthen your dog's cognitive abilities. Engage your dog mentally with this dog interactive toy.This puzzle toy for dogs helps prevent boredom and related negative behavior, good for training or alone time that bring more fun to hide & seek with treats.perfect dog stimulation toy perfect for puppies beginners or small dogs cats

Pedy Pet Fun Feeder Bowl

Give your pet an extra challenge with the Pedy Pet Fun feeder bowl. The swirling loops of the maze level up the challenge of finding your food and further slow down your pet’s feeding speed, creating an additional health benefit as well as bringing some excitement to your dog’s daily routine.

PetZone IQ Treat Ball

Turn your pet’s treats into an IQ-stimulating activity with this sphere of puzzle and wonder. Your pet will have to learn how to rotate the sphere exactly right to access the treats or food inside, and you can adjust the level of difficulty based on the interior disc. The dispensing ball creates extended playtime and additional fun for both owner and pet!

Dog Food Ball, Lesfit Pet Food...
  • Food Dispenser Ball: Complicated design within this dog food ball enables dogs or cats to overcome some obstacles to get the food
  • Dog Food Feeder Toys: Three open holes on the upper part of this dog balls treat dispenser are made to let dogs or cats to smell food and top cover can be easily unscrewed to clean and add foods into the toy
  • Pet IQ Treat Balls Toy: Specially designed as tumbler, the pet interactive food toys reduces boredom and destructive behavior through healthy play and exercise and arouse interests and appetite of dogs and cats


This anti-gulp pet bowl spreads out food access for your pet into small and manageable sections that require individual eating. This webbed approach to a food bowl slows down your pet’s eating speed in a major way while also creating a fun and varied eating experience that stimulates your pet’s brain.

IOKHEIRA Slow Feeder Dog Bowls, Non...
  • ?SLOWS DOWN EATING UP TO 10X?- IOKHEIRA uniquely designed Fun Feeder Dog Bowls feature honeycomb and help slow down your dog?s eating time by 10X!
  • ?NON SLIP BASE DESIGN?- IOKHEIRA Dog Slow Feeder Bowl, no more food waste would happen to your dog. The bottom Suction Cup Design effectively keeps dog bowls from moving or tipping on the floor.
  • ?RECOMMENDED VETERINARIAN?- Common issues that arise in fasting eating dogs include bloating, regurgitation, and canine obesity. Our Fun Feeder Slow Bowls both challenge and engage your dog during mealtime while helping reduce overeating behavior.

Which slow feeder do you use for your dog? And does it help? I’d love to hear your comments on my blog below.

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