Dog Walks in Milton Keynes

Dog walks in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes stands out in England as a bold experiment, contrasting starkly against the higgledy-piggledy nature of a thousand years of British urbanism. But, while winding roads and archaic buildings are the norm across the UK, in Milton Keynes – built in the 1960s to relieve London’s congestion – the future is now, with gridded … Read more

Dog Walks in the Lake District

dog walks in the Lake District

The UK is renowned for its rolling hills and emerald pastures, the leafy forests and quiet waters. But of all the beautiful and magical landscapes, the Lake District holds a special place in the nation’s heart, being amongst the most popular destinations for tourists. Fell-walkers and their four-legged friends are often spotted meandering down the … Read more

Coast-to-Coast Walk with a Dog

Coast to Coast walk England

Holidays at home are becoming increasingly popular, as the crowds who once flocked through the bustling airports are rediscovering the beauty on their doorstep. Every year thousands attempt the stunning coast-to-coast walk devised by the footloose fellwalker Alfred Wainwright in 1973. The 196-mile route takes in some of the most delightful countryside Britain has to … Read more

Dog Walks in Nottingham

dog walks in Nottingham

Nottingham is world-famous for the legendary outlaw Robin Hood. Yet, the vagabond of Loxley is not the only famous son to call the Queen of the Midlands their home. From the less known outlaw Ned Ludd, through to literary and sporting figures like Brian Clough, Torvill and Dean, Lord Byron and D.H. Lawrence. Even Batman … Read more

Dog Walks in Edinburgh

dog walks in Edinburgh

Grand old Edinburgh is steeped in history. From the old town, perched upon the hillside, up to the castle crowning the rock, then down past the monuments, through the gorgeous Georgian architecture and into the bustling streets and shops of New Town. Thousands flock to the city every year, to soak in the history, sample … Read more

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Yorkshire

dog friendly beaches in North Yorkshire

Everyone knows the rolling Dales of West Yorkshire, the grand cities of Sheffield and Leeds, or the rugged moors of the north. But beyond the green lands of ‘God’s Own County’ is the world-famous coastline stretching from the Tees estuary to the Humber estuary. There are some amazing dog friendly beaches in Yorkshire. The coastline … Read more

Dog Walks in Kent

dog walks in Kent

Kent is England’s gateway, the green and glorious entrance to the nation. Though millions pass through, heading inland and onward, the county shouldn’t be overlooked. Tucked neatly into the corner of the country, this rural oasis has everything a dog walker could desire: epic beaches, embracing hills, castles and churches, leafy woodland, and of course, … Read more

Dog Walks in North Yorkshire

Dog walks in North Yorkshire

When we picture the natural beauty of the United Kingdom, we imagine the deep waters of the Lake District, the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, or the towering peaks of Snowdonia and the Cairngorms. But the vast parks of North Yorkshire are unrivalled in their beauty and chronically under-appreciated by dog walkers. Whether you prefer … Read more

The Best Dog Walks in York

Best dog walks in York

When we think of York, we picture the towering gothic Minister, carved beautifully from sandstone. The serpentine walls which wind their way around the city, and the hodgepodge of streets, weaving and winding like the strands of a spider’s web. In York, history speaks from every stone. Yet, tucked away at the edge of the North … Read more

7 Best Dog Walks in London

best dog walks in London

London is amongst the world’s greatest cities, with a skyline bursting with history and commerce. Tourists flock from every corner of the map, visiting everything from the gothic architecture of Westminster to the cavernous museums and galleries, housing the finest collections of paintings and artefacts. The city always has something going on! And the great … Read more