Halloween Treats for dogs

Halloween treats for dogs

It’s that spooky time of year again! That time that your little pooch gets freaked by the number of knocks at the door from little tiny skeletons and witches! But doesn’t Fido deserve treats too? Yep, he sure does! We’ve even seen some great instagram videos this year of dogs actually going trick or treating! … Read more

What to put on a Lickimat

what to put on a lickimat

If you haven’t already got a lickimat for your dog, you simply have to get one! They are great for keeping your dog occupied during stressful situations such as during fireworks or when strange visitors arrive. If you haven’t already got one you might want to read my blog about the benefits of a lickimat … Read more

Why is My Dog Licking Paws?

Why is My Dog Licking Paws

You won’t believe how many dog parents frequently ask, “Why is my dog licking paws?” It is one of the most common queries by dog parents in the summer & autumn seasons. Occasional Licking of Paws seems to be expected as they groom themselves in their leisure time. However, Suppose repetitive and aggressive licking or … Read more

Dog Agility London

Dog Agility London

Dog agility is a lot of fun for dogs and people.  It’s also a great way to get and keep fit with your pooch.  The kennel club created The Agility Club in 1983. They host a three-day championship show that includes a selection of agility classes.  The Kennel Club also runs the agility league, whereby … Read more

Introducing the Border Terrier

Introducing the Border Terrier

The Border Terrier is a working terrier of Scotch origin, developed in the Anglo-Scottish border country. The term “border” refers to both the geographic area and its inhabitants (the Scottish Borders). It is a rough-coated breed with a wedge-shaped head, powerful jaws and a tail that curls over the back or side. They are energetic … Read more

Are Patterale Terriers Hypoallergenic?

Are Patterale Terriers Hypoallergenic

I often get asked ‘Are Patterdale Terriers hypoallergenic?’ The short answer is no – they are not. So avoid Patterdales if you particularly want or need a hypoallergenic dog. What is a Hypoallergenic Dog? A hypoallergenic dog is basically a dog that’s fur is not going to trigger allergies. Dogs such as Poodles, Bedlington Terriers … Read more

Why do dogs scratch carpet?

Why do dogs scratch carpet

Dog’s scratching at the carpet is likely to be the same reason why they scratch at their beds before settling down.  Initially, the reason is evolutionary and harks back to when dogs were wild.  It’s an instinctual behaviour that’s also an habitual behaviour. There are, however, a few other reasons why dogs scratch or dig … Read more