Radio City Crosby Beach Dog Walk

Radio City Crosby Beach Dog Walk

This weekend, we headed to Crosby beach for a pack walk organised in collaboration with Radio City. Thankfully, storm Corrie held off and the weather on Sunday morning was perfect for dog walking. Crosby beach is an excellent place for the dogs because it has so many different terrains – the woodland walk, the pier, … Read more

Working Terrier Guide

Working Terrier Characteristics

Today we’re taking a look at the life of a working terrier. We will be considering the best breeds of working terrier and the characteristics that you should look out for. My last Jack Russell, Milo wasn’t a ‘working dog’ as such, but he certainly kept our yard (and the neighbours yard) free from vermin! … Read more

Do Puppies Lose Teeth?

Do Puppies Lose Teeth

Do Puppies Lose Teeth? Yes, puppies do lose their teeth.  Just like human babies, puppies grow baby teeth, to begin with, and these baby teeth fall out and are replaced by adult teeth.  The main difference between our canine pals and human babies is that it all happens in a much shorter time for puppies. … Read more

Patterdale vs Jack Russell 

Patterdale vs Jack Russell

In the battle of the terriers, which would you choose? Both Patterdale’s and Jack Russell’s are ‘typical’ terriers.  So, let’s have a quick look at their similarities and differences. Both Patterdale terriers and Jack Russell Terriers were originally bred and developed to go to ground to flush out foxes.  Both have reputations as great little … Read more

Why is My Dog Licking Paws?

Why is My Dog Licking Paws

You won’t believe how many dog parents frequently ask, “Why is my dog licking paws?” It is one of the most common queries by dog parents in the summer & autumn seasons. Occasional Licking of Paws seems to be expected as they groom themselves in their leisure time. However, Suppose repetitive and aggressive licking or … Read more

Dog Agility London

Dog Agility London

Dog agility is a lot of fun for dogs and people.  It’s also a great way to get and keep fit with your pooch.  The kennel club created The Agility Club in 1983. They host a three-day championship show that includes a selection of agility classes.  The Kennel Club also runs the agility league, whereby … Read more

Warm Noses on Dogs

warm noses on dogs

Dogs have noses just like us. But, there are some differences between dog’s noses and human’s noses. For example, dogs can smell things much better than humans can! Also, when a dog smells something it doesn’t smell the same way that we do! Dogs noses can sometimes be dry, sometimes be wet, sometimes be hot … Read more

Scrumbles Dog Treats Review

Scrumbles Dog treats review

Today, Blakey boy was very excited because his box of treats arrived from Scrumbles. He knew it was for him – the doggy packing tape gave it away, but more importantly he could smell those tasty Scrumbles dog treats! Why Scrumbles? So, why did we want to try Scrumbles for Blake? Scrumbles are an ethically … Read more