Halloween Treats for dogs

It’s that spooky time of year again! That time that your little pooch gets freaked by the number of knocks at the door from little tiny skeletons and witches! But doesn’t Fido deserve treats too? Yep, he sure does! We’ve even seen some great instagram videos this year of dogs actually going trick or treating! So, what are the best Halloween treats for dogs?

Pumpkin Spice Dog Treats Pooch and Mutt

This Halloween, Blakey boy was spoilt by his uncle Pete who sent him these Pumpkin Spice Pooch & Mutt dog treats…and they were a hit! These Seasonal Meaty Dog Treats are Grain Free with a hint of pumpkin…Happy Halloween Blake!

Halloween treats for dogs Pumpkin spice Pooch & Mutt

Denzels Spooktacular Bones

These Limited Edition doggy treats won’t be around forever! Denzel’s Spooktacular Bones are made with natural ingredients including Turkey, pumpkin and apple! They are healthy and low in calories. Perfect for treating canine trick or treaters, or rewarding your own dog at home.

Halloween dog treats spectacular bones

Toffee Apple sticks!

And now for the terrifyingly tasty….Denzil’s toffee apple soft sticks for dogs. These can be given whole, or broken up to make individual tasty treats. They are made with fresh pumpkin, apple and cinnamon and are actually 100% vegan.

Denzils toffee apple sticks

Halloween Dracula Hide And Seek Dog Treat Training Toy

How about treating your pooch to a Halloween themed training toy? Teach your dog to fetch the different characters (Dracula, Mummy and Frankenstein) out of Draculas castle! The cleverest of dogs will be able to learn the names of each to and bring them to you on command! You can also hide treats inside the castle with the soft toys and set it up as a dog puzzle as well.

Halloween Dog Toy

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