Scrumbles Dog Treats Review

Today, Blakey boy was very excited because his box of treats arrived from Scrumbles. He knew it was for him – the doggy packing tape gave it away, but more importantly he could smell those tasty Scrumbles dog treats!

Blake Opening Scrumbles

Why Scrumbles?

So, why did we want to try Scrumbles for Blake? Scrumbles are an ethically conscious pet company based in the UK – they are focused on doing what is best for pets, people and the planet. This includes no plastic packaging and using gut friendly natural ingredients in their pet food and treats.

In fact, it all started with smelly poos! (Yes, Blake has those!) They use probiotics and produce grain free and gluten free dog food and treats to keep smelly poops and farts to a minimum. OK, where do we sign up?!?

Blake’s Scrumbles Dog Treats Review

We tried three different treats and snacks from Scrumbles:

  • Scrumbles Softies – Chicken and Duck training treats
  • Scrumbles Softies – Plant based training treats
  • Scrumbles Gnashers – Dental sticks for dogs

The first thing to say about the Scrumbles is that Blake certainly thought they all smelled good! He was excited by the box which is always a good sign! Secondly the packaging was really easy to open. We liked it because it is recyclable and plastic free.

Scrumbles dog treats softies and gnashers

Scrumbles Softies Chicken and Duck training treats

These were Blakes favourites! They are great for training – they are actually a bit like ‘buttons’ but for dogs! So they are quick and easy to give to your dog during training sessions. They are made from dried Chicken and Duck and also dried Pumpkin and Chia seeds.

Scrumbles Softies, Chicken & Duck...
  • Scrumbles softies are the perfect training treat for puppies and adult dogs. Tasty buttons, baked to a soft texture make for the ideal reward for good behaviour
  • Made with Chicken, Pumpkin and chia these treats are great for the tum. With slippery elm for a health digestive tract.
  • Made in the UK with natural, responsibly sourced ingredients.

We tested them out on his training session – we are using a marker word on a regular basis to reward him for looking at us (not scary men, bikes or other dogs) on walkies. When I used these Blake was very focused!

Scrumbles Softies Plant based training treats

I must admit that I was skeptical about the plant based training treats! Blake is a hard core meat and poultry fan! But do you know what? He did not turn his nose up at these – he gobbled them down! His stomach has been very settled since using these.

Scrumbles Softies, Plant Based...
  • Scrumbles softies are the perfect training treat for puppies and adult dogs. Tasty buttons, baked to a soft texture make for the ideal reward for good behaviour
  • 100% plant based makes for a healthy, planet friendly treat and suitable for sensitive doggies
  • Made in the UK with natural, responsibly sourced ingredients.

There is also another advantage – these plant based treats are great for our vegetarian and vegan friends to give him. Some of our vegan friends prefer not to touch meat and therefore don’t always want to treat him. By keeping some of these plant based training treats to hand, this completely solves that problem – everyone can now treat Blake without worrying about what the treats contain.

Scrumbles Gnashers – Dental Sticks for dogs

We always love to include one dental stick per day in Blakes diet to keep his teeth nice and clean and healthy. We often use Pedigree Chum’s Dentastix and Dingo Dentasticks. These Scrumbles Gnashers are more of a biscuity texture, which was different to what he was used to, but Blake still really loved them. They are hand baked and free from artificial ingredients.

Scrumbles Gnashers Daily Dental...
  • This multipack of 42 Scrumbles daily dental chews will keep your dog's breath fresh! The crunchy texture and active ingredients are designed to promote oral health
  • They are scientifically proven to reduce tartar build up by up to 80% with daily use, and are free from artificial colours and flavours
  • Scrumbles hand-baked, dog dental chews are low in fat! They are a guilt-free, grain free way to take care of your pets oral health

What I was most impressed with about Scrumbles Gnashers though, was the smell. They certainly smelled minty fresh and so did Blake’s breath! We will certainly be adding these into his doggy diet!

Other Products from Scrumbles

Scrumbles have several other ranges for your pooch including dry dog food, wet dog food and a Christmas range with advent calendars for dogs! If you love the brand and you are a Scrumbles fan, you can also order a reuseable coffee cup with all the Scrumbles dogs on it!

Oh, and I don’t know if this is safe to mention on a dog blog, but Scrumbles also do a range for C-A-T-S!

Delivery was within 24 hours of ordering and you can get free delivery on orders over £25 on the Scrumbles website. You can also order Scrumbles on Amazon.

For a happy, healthy and eco conscious dog, get Scrumbles!

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