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Has your dog been especially good this year and is in need of a treat? As well as giving your furry family member a present this year, if your pooch has been good this year, then they are deserving of their own Christmas dinner. This guide will help you to involve your dog in the festivities by finding what your four-legged friend can and can’t eat this Christmas, as well as giving you some products for your dog’s Christmas dinner.

With Christmas fast approaching and us all being guilty at sneaking our four-legged friends some Christmas dinner under the table, it’s important to know the foods that are harmful to dogs so that you can avoid harming your dog. If you’re thinking of preparing your pooch a special meal this Christmas, then it’s extremely important to know the foods that can be harmful to your dog so that you can avoid feeding them to your dog this Christmas.

Forthglade Christmas Wet Dog Food...
Rosewood Cupid and Comet Finest...
Dog Christmas Gift Set - Lunch,...
Forthglade Christmas Wet Dog Food...
Rosewood Cupid and Comet Finest...
Dog Christmas Gift Set - Lunch,...
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Forthglade Christmas Wet Dog Food...
Forthglade Christmas Wet Dog Food...
Rosewood Cupid and Comet Finest...
Rosewood Cupid and Comet Finest...
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Dog Christmas Gift Set - Lunch,...
Dog Christmas Gift Set - Lunch,...
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Christmas Dinners for Dogs to buy Online!

Here are some other products that your dog can eat as part of their tasty Christmas dinner this Christmas:

Lily’s Kitchen Dog Christmas Dinner

Lily's Kitchen Christmas...
  • Nutritionally complete, grain free and natural tinned wet food for adult dogs (4 months +)
  • Freshly prepared with proper meat: 40 Percent turkey, 10 Percent goose and 10 Percent duck
  • This is limited edition and exclusive Christmas dog wet food tin

This tasty dog food is perfect for your dog’s Christmas dinner. It contains carrots, parsnip, cranberries, turkey, goose, duck, and broccoli. All of which are healthy and beneficial to your dog. This is a perfect treat to feed to your dog this Christmas.

Pet Connection Christmas Dinner for Dogs

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This box of tasty treats contains six pouches of gravy with turkey and carrots and six tubs of gravy with chicken and vegetables. These are perfect for the festive season and getting your four-legged friend into the Christmas spirit during the run up to Christmas. 

Woof and Brew – A Right Dogs Christmas Dinner!

No products found.

Slightly different to a Christmas dinner, these dog’s dinner toppings can add something a little more adventurous to your pooches dinner this Christmas. The way it works is that you mix the brew bags with water, creating a sort of gravy, and then add the biltong to the top and some of your dog’s normal dry food and they will have a delicious Christmas dinner with barely any preparation at all.

Forthglade Dog Christmas Dinner

Forthglade Christmas Wet Dog Food...
  • CHRISTMAS WET DOG FOOD: 7 x 395g trays of limited-edition grain free dog food inspired by Christmas, suitable for adult dogs aged 1-7 years, made with festive turkey, cranberry & parsnip
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Bursting with goodness and made using natural ingredients, with added vitamins, minerals & botanicals, gently steamed to retain as much natural flavour and goodness as possible
  • FOOD FOR HAPPY DOGS: Grain-free & hypoallergenic recipe, which means it's kind & gentle on your dog's tummy and easy to digest. Made using our high quality recipe with 75% turkey

All you have to do is mix the turkey, cranberry, and parsnip to your dog’s normal dry food for an undeniably tasty Christmas dinner for your furry friend.

Barking Heads Dog Christmas Dinner

Barking Heads Wet Dog Food Pouches...
  • CHRISTMAS VARIETY Pack of mixed flavours: Turkey, Beef & Salmon
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - This recipe is made using only the best quality, natural ingredients. Free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives
  • ADDED VITAMIN AND MINERALS- This delicious grain-free food has added vitamins and minerals to ensure your pup is getting everything they need

These tasty pouches offer three festive treats for your pet. One pouch is turkey, another is salmon, and the other is beef. One for Christmas Eve, one for Christmas Day, and the other for Boxing Day perhaps? After all, your furry friend has been very good this year.

Dog pigs in Blankets

Rosewood Cupid and Comet Finest...
  • Delicious Pigs in Blankets treats for dogs
  • Made with Real Pork and chicken
  • Packed in re-sealable Christmas design pouch bag

As mentioned before, your pupper can’t have our pigs in blankets, so why not give them some of their own? These pigs in blankets are made specifically from dogs and so you won’t have to worry about the fat and salt content of them. They make the perfect treat for your dog, or you can add some to your dog’s Christmas dinner as a topping.

Pooch and Mutt – Merry Poochmas

Pooch & Mutt - Dog Christmas Dinner...
  • Premium gift box Christmas present for dogs
  • Treat your dog with our healthy, junk and wheat free Christmas dinner treats
  • Containing our Christmas Dinner wet food for their own Christmas dinner

This Christmas box may be the perfect present for your dog this Christmas. Add some excitement to your pooches dinner this Christmas by giving them some turkey and duck wet food, and some mini-bone treats. The mini-bone treats have a Christmas dinner flavour as well a packet of mini-bones that are specifically made for calming and relaxing your dog during the chaos that is Christmas.

Dog Treat Set

Dog Christmas Gift Set - Lunch,...
  • A Complete Dog Christmas Gift Box with Lunch, a Snazzy Tweed Bow Tie, Christmas Decoration Treat, Pawsecco, Christmas Dinner Treats & Green Tweed Toy with Squeaker - Everything for a Dog's Christmas Present!
  • Dog's Christmas Lunch comes from Pooch & Mutt - A Turkey & Duck Dog Health Food that's Grain-Free & Junk Free - P&M Also Provide the Christmas Dinner Dog Treats
  • House of Paws Provide a Gorgeous Tweed Dog Bow-Tie and Beautiful Green-Tweed Dog Toy with Squeaker

This dog Christmas set comes with food, treats, and a toy for your furry friend this Christmas, it even has dog prosecco and a festive bow-tie. The box comes with a Christmas bauble filled with venison treats, a tweed bow-tie for your dog to dress smart for the occasion, a pouch of festive food for lunch, Christmas dinner mini-bone treats, pawsecco, and a tweed reindeer toy with a squeaker that will bring your dog endless fun. This box is perfect for ensuring ‘joy to all’ this Christmas. 

What part of your Human Christmas Dinner can your Dog Eat?

There are many different options for your Christmas dinner, a debate that ranges from turkey, to ham, so what of these foods are harmful to your dogs and what can be used as a tasty treat for your doggo? 


Dogs can eat turkey, but you must make sure that it is boneless and skinless. The skin on a turkey holds a lot of fat that is not good for your dog’s digestive system. The bones are of course dangerous in terms of choking, but also they can cause internal damage if swallowed. So, if you have turkey at your dinner table this Christmas, you can set aside some turkey for your four-legged friend as long as you make sure that it is skinless and boneless. 


Gravy is not a recommended product for your dog due to it being fatty and salty. The fat and salt content of gravy can cause digestive problems, sickness, and an upset stomach. However, in moderation it can be OK. If you are having gravy with your Christmas dinner and plan on adding some to your dog’s dish, then you have to make sure that you don’t add harmful products to it such as onion and garlic. However, it is much safer for your dog if you buy them some gravy dog food that is specifically for dogs, so that they can enjoy a tasty Christmas treat.


You should avoid feeding your dog stuffing as it contains food that is harmful and toxic to dogs such as onions. Onions are extremely toxic to dogs and you should never feed them onion, or food that contains onions, under any circumstances. The spices and herbs that are in stuffing can also cause diarrhoea and stomach upset.

Christmas Puddings and Mince Pies

You should never feed your pupper Christmas pudding or mince pies due to the raisins and other dried fruits inside. Raisins are extremely toxic for dogs, with the possibility of kidney failure, and should never be consumed by your pet. They also have a lot of spices in them that can cause stomach upset.

Pigs in blankets

Pigs in blankets are way too high in fat and salt for your beloved pet. Pork is safe for dogs to eat in moderation if it is lean cut and properly cooked, but pigs in blankets are too high and fat, perhaps unwrap the bacon from them and then you can feed them to your dog. 

Toxic Foods for Dogs

The following foods should be completely avoided, otherwise a trip to the vets could be in order!


We all know that chocolate is a toxic food that can be fatal in some cases with even just a small amount. Something that many don’t know is that dark chocolate is even more dangerous to dogs than lighter chocolate. 

Onion, Garlic, and other Bulb Vegetables

Onions, garlic, and other bulb vegetables also need to be avoided at all costs. They are highly toxic and can cause damage to red blood cells when digested. As mentioned before, it is not uncommon to have garlic and onion in your gravy, so if your gravy does contain these ingredients, you should avoid giving it to your pet at all costs.

Macadamia nuts and walnuts

Something less known to be toxic to dogs is macadamia nuts and walnuts. These nuts are not uncommon around Christmas time as part of festive treats and buffets. They are highly toxic and can cause seizures in dogs, so make sure that you dog doesn’t get their paws on them. 


Dairy products are another thing to avoid at all costs. It is often the case that dog owners don’t know about the harmful effects of dairy because it is assumed that milk is safe for them as they had it as puppies. However, dogs struggle to digest lactose and this can cause an upset stomach which is not a nice present for a dog around Christmas. 

Tasty Human treats for your dog at Christmas

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is a safe for your dog to eat as long as it is unsweetened and contains no harmful additives. A bit of cranberry juice on top of your dog’s skinless and boneless turkey will be a nice tasty treat for their Christmas dinner.


We all love our carbs, and your four-legged friend will love them too. Just make sure that you give them either boiled or mashed potatoes that don’t contain a lot of salt or butter. Make sure that you don’t go overboard and give them too much though. 


Although you may consider giving brussels sprouts to your dog as a crime, they are one of the many vegetables that are common around Christmas time that are perfectly safe for your dog to eat. Some of these include; parsnips, brussels sprouts, green beans, and peas. Just remember that all these foods should be eaten in moderation as too many may cause an upset stomach. 

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