Work with Me is a dog website by Amy Green who has 10+ years of experience publishing articles in pet and travel niches. On we have articles on…

  • Patterdale Terriers
  • Crossbreeds
  • Dog Health
  • Puppies
  • Rescue
  • Products
  • Dog Training
  • Walkies has a fantastic network of contacts in the the dog niche and we would love to work with you.

Stats and Demographics (June 2020)

  • 3500 page views per month
  • 1500 Facebook followers
  • 200 Twitter followers (@PatTerriers)
  • 2000 Instagram followers (@BlakethePatterdale)
  • 17 Pinterest followers
  • Domain Authority 4 (Moz)

Our main audience is Patterdale Terrier owners and lovers from the United Kingdom.

Content Marketing and Product Reviews

All sponsored posts and articles will come with a sponsored/affiliate post disclaimer which is necessary under UK advertising regulations. We offer Advertorials, Product Reviews, Informative Posts and Giveaway Promotions.

Advertorial £50

(Recommended) We write an article related to your product, service, or website based on the author’s personal experiences (we will need to receive the product to test out on Blake the Patterdale Terrier!).  These posts are much better received by regular readers, and more likely to be shared via social media.  Click here for an example.

Blog articles, reviews and advertorials tend to be around 800 words in length but can be 1,000 or more words depending on the topic. They will be optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to help them to get found on Google. Sharing via social media is at the publisher’s discretion — guaranteed promotion via social media costs extra.

Product Review £50

We will write an honest review of your product, service, or website. We will test it (or in the case of a site, visit it) and write a review based on our experience.  You would need to send us a complimentary product to test and review (we test out on Blake the Patterdale Terrier!). Click here for an example.

Informative Blog Post £50

Write an informational post about your product, service, or website. In this case, we won’t use the word “review,” and the post would be strictly informational.

Social Media Promotion

We can promote your product or website on our social media channels (identified by #sp to mark it as sponsored).

Promote a Giveaway £50

You can provide a ‘freebie’ that we can use as a Giveaway on one of our social media platforms. Your brand will be @mentioned in the post.

Social Media Shout Out!

£10 per shout-out and you get to specify the link and the social media platform.

Sidebar Ads

We can run a Sidebar ad at the cost of £50 per month. You would need to provide the sidebar graphic and link.

Payment for Sponsored Posts

Payment is either upfront by Paypal or UK bank transfer. International bank transfers are at an additional cost of £10 due to charges.

If you prefer to work with some protection regarding upfront payment, you can work with me through which securely holds funds and releases payment on delivery of the work. My account is…

To request marketing, please email for details.