Can Dogs Eat Lychee

can dogs eat lychee

Organic, slow-cooked and raw diets are becoming much more popular and with it, dog owners are beginning to search for healthy alternative to pre-packaged dog treats. Can dogs eat Lychee? Could Lychees be the next great dog treat? Lychees are a tropical fruit that look like a lumpy strawberry. In fact, they are also called … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pears?

Can dogs eat Pears?

I often get asked ‘Can dogs eat Pears?’ Pears are a delicious juicy snack, but are they safe for our furry friends to eat too? Just like any human food, there are both benefits and risks to giving dogs a fruity treat. Health Benefits of Pears for Dogs Pears are rich in dietary fibre, which … Read more

Can dogs have Mango?

Can dogs have Mango

Today on our Facebook page, I got asked ‘can dogs have Mango?’ It is always nice to give your dog a little treat every now and again and fruit is harmless, right? For dogs, some fruit can cause health issues as their digestive system is not designed to digest and absorb fruits. So, can you … Read more

Doggy Daycare Liverpool

Doggy Daycare Liverpool

If you live in Liverpool with your pooch you are very lucky to be in such a dog friendly city with plenty of options for day care, training and dog friendly pubs. Today I’m here to introduce you to the best doggy daycare Liverpool has to offer including two of our favourites – Tails in … Read more

Dog Bandanas

dog bandanas

Canine clothing is one of the fastest growing pet industries in the UK, even supermarkets like Tesco, Aldi and Asda are joining in the trend, with seasonal pet clothing becoming big business. Just like with humans’ clothes, dog bandanas have myriad uses, from simple fashion style to expressing personality, requesting some space and even to … Read more

Liver Cake for Dogs

Liver cake for dogs recipe

Liver cake for dogs is a tasty and healthy treat for your pooch and also relatively easy to make. Preparation time is around 15-20 minutes and it takes approximately 40 minutes to bake in the oven. We first found out about liver cake for dogs when we went to the Dog Barn in St Helen’s. … Read more