5 Reasons to get a Dog

Reasons to get a dog

There are so many reasons to get a dog! Being a dog owner changes your life in so many rewarding ways including keeping you fit and giving you companionship. Of course there are downside. Yes, it can be expensive and can be more difficult to travel (though not impossible!) I’m on my 4th dog now … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple

Can dogs eat Pineapple?

Fruit is essential to the diet of any dog; but knowing which fruits you can or cannot treat your little guy or girl to is something that makes a lot of pet owners very anxious. One of the most asked about fruits is the pineapple. Can dogs eat pineapple? Is it safe for your dog to … Read more

Dog Walks in Edinburgh

dog walks in Edinburgh

Grand old Edinburgh is steeped in history. From the old town, perched upon the hillside, up to the castle crowning the rock, then down past the monuments, through the gorgeous Georgian architecture and into the bustling streets and shops of New Town. Thousands flock to the city every year, to soak in the history, sample … Read more

Why you should Adopt not Shop

why you should adopt not shop

Let’s not beat around the bush – dog rescue or adoption is not always an easy feat. There are many challenges that come with it such as house health issues and behavioural issues. It generally takes at least 3 months for an adopted dog to start to settle. So it’s difficult to tell what their … Read more

Butchers Dog Food

Butchers dog food review

The Butchers brand of dog food has been operational in England for over a quarter of a century. They believe that every dog deserves a nutritious meal to keep them healthy and happy. They also believe that our favorite canine friends should enjoy the taste.  Butchers are committed to always using natural ingredients and obtaining … Read more

Whimzees Chews

whimzees chews

We all know how important dental care is for our own teeth. For a dog who relies on his/her teeth for quite a few things in its everyday life, having strong, healthy teeth is paramount. Canine dental care is an important aspect of your dog’s hygiene, but getting a dog’s teeth to stay clean can … Read more

Dogs in Hot Weather

Dogs in Hot weather

With the weather getting warmer, our dog walks are becoming more enjoyable, but when is it too hot to walk our dogs? How can you tell and what can you do to make the warm weather more comfortable? Let’s take a look. Walks for Dogs in Hot Weather Dogs love walks and we love giving … Read more

Dog Water Bottle

dog water bottle

It’s hot, hot, hot! Sometimes even too hot to go out with your pooch in the UK at the moment as temperatures reach a high of 27 in Liverpool this week! If you are walking with your dog, it’s best to go early in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler. And … Read more