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The Butchers brand of dog food has been operational in England for over a quarter of a century. They believe that every dog deserves a nutritious meal to keep them healthy and happy. They also believe that our favorite canine friends should enjoy the taste. 

Butchers are committed to always using natural ingredients and obtaining their products only from reputable British and Irish farms. Their products are free of wheat gluten and palm oil.

Additionally, the company is committed to being environmentally friendly by removing plastic shrink wrap packaging from their can multipacks, while replacing them with biodegradable and recyclable cardboard, one of the first in the pet care market to do so. 

Butcher's Loaf Recipes Dog Food...
Butcher's Loaf Recipes Dog Food...
Butcher's Loaf Recipes Dog Food...
Butcher's Loaf Recipes Dog Food...

Let’s take a look at some of the products Butchers has to offer for your dog.

Butchers Tripe Loaf Recipes Dog Food Tins

This 12 pack of Butchers tripe loaf recipes dog food tins contain a variety of three different trip loaf recipes: 4x original tripe, 4x beef and tripe, and 4x chicken and tripe. Suitable for all types of dogs, including those with sensitivities to gluten or grain, this product has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. 

The Tripe loaf recipes are bursting with a flavor your dog will love. They also pack a serious nutritional punch with Vitamin A and D3, protein, fiber, zinc, calcium iodate, and manganese sulfate. 

The various types included in the packaging all include some percentage of chicken, beef, and tripe, varying by degree depending on the selected type.

Butcher's Loaf Recipes Dog Food...
  • COMPLETE AND BALANCED - Our Loaf Recipes Are Vet Recommended and Are Carefully Created by Our Nutritionist, Rich in the Omega-3 & 6 Fatty Acids Which Boost Anti-Inflammatory Properties Supporting Your Dog’s Immune System, Heart, Brain Function, Skin and Coat
  • NO NASTIES - With Absolutely No Artificial Colours Or Preservatives. Only Food Full of Good Stuff
  • NO GRAINS OR FILLERS - Grain Free and Gluten Free. Just Naturally Nutritious Food for Dogs

Butchers Super Senior Wet Dog Food Trays – Digestion and Joint – Variety pack, 3.6kg (24 x 150g)

Senior dogs have their own particular nutritional needs. It is more important than ever for the food they consume to assist with digestion and provide the vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain good teeth, muscle strength, and vision. 

The super senior dog formula is specifically designed with older dogs in mind. It provides a variety of tasty recipes which include chicken & rice, turkey & rice, and salmon & rice varieties. The dog food is wet, making it not only easy to consume but also serves to hydrate your dog as he/she eats. 

With an increased focus on health aspects, each tray in the pack is supplemented with prebiotic to help digestion. Additionally, the whole grain rice is gluten-free and easily digestible. The chicory included is high in fiber, which also promotes healthy digestion. The omega 3 and omega 6 components will help continue to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy at an older age.

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Butchers Puppy Perfect Dog Food Tins (6 x 400g)

Growing pups need and deserve only the best type of food. At their young age, they must consume a lot of nutritious meals with a taste they love. The Butchers Puppy perfect dog food tins in this pack include a variety of lamb, beef, and chicken. 

The recipe also contains sunflower and salmon oils, rosehip, parsley, mint, chicory, Vitamins A & D3, zinc sulfate, calcium iodate, and prebiotics to help with digestion. As with all Butchers products, these are grain and gluten-free and include no artificial flavoring, coloring, or preservatives.

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Butchers Choice Succulent Meaty Recipes Dog Food Trays, 5.4kg (36 x 150g)

Your dog’s meals should not only be delicious, they should be easy on their stomachs. For those aware of suspecting of digestive problems for their four-legged friends, consider Butchers simply gentle variety packs. These trays feature a mix of turkey, chicken, and salmon mixed with easy to digest whole grain rice.

This Butchers Choice succulent meaty recipes dog food is packed with high fiber chicory and prebiotics to ideally feed adult dogs with digestive difficulties by boosting digestive properties to help your dog eat and live comfortably and happily. 

As most Butchers dog foods, these include parsley, mint, and rosehip for great flavor, and are loaded with vitamins A & D, minerals, omega 3 and 6, zinc sulfate, calcium, and manganese sulfate. 

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Butchers Canned Dog Food Lean & Tasty (18 X 400g)

This Butchers Lean and Tasty recipe is made with the leanest of cuts, featuring chicken, beef, and turkey flavors. This is a great choice for owners who are looking into maintaining their dog’s weight while continuing to have the dog eat healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals. 

The whole-grain rice is easily digestible and releases carbohydrate energy slowly, making it sustainable to your dog throughout their day. They will keep feeling full longer, and therefore require eating less frequently, helping their weight stay stable. 

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