10 Reasons why I love to own a Patterdale Terrier

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They are crazy and lively bundles of fur. Some people just wouldn’t cope with a Patterdale terrier – it’s got to be the right family and the right home. But if you know about the breed and have enough time and training knowledge they can be the most rewarding of pets. Here’s why…

#1 Their Energy is infectious!

Blake our Patterdale loves to go out walking, running and playing. His energy is contagious – we always feel his excitement and he motivates us to get up and out of the house, even on a weekend. It’s difficult to be lethargic when there’s a Patterdale around! Sometimes I look at him and think – I wish I could take some of that energy out of him and put it into me!!!

#2 They are Loving and Loyal

A Patterdale craves the company and reassurance of his owner constantly. Don’t get a Patterdale if you want a dog who will stay in his own bed! My terrier Patterdale always wants to be by our side. He watches us make dinner and sits with us to watch TV. He is a GREAT cuddler! When I had quite a serious operation he stayed by my side every day having fuss and strokes – he really got me through it. Patterdales will give you endless unconditional love and that’s pretty awesome.

#3 They are Sturdy little Buggers!

Terriers are great sturdy little dogs. They don’t have the kind of inbred problems that some strict Kennel Club breeds have and many Patterdale fans would like to keep it that way. Although there are some Patterdale health problems, they are usually a healthy and active breed and they live a long life compared to some other larger breeds.

#4 They make the House a Home

I never realised how quiet and boring our home had been until we got Blake. In a nutshell, EVERYTHING is exciting! Wow, are you putting washing in Mom?! I’m waiting for you to come out of the loo! Wahoo! You came out of the loo! Are you playing tugga with me?! OMG I’m getting treats! They make a house a home.

#5 They keep you Fit

Patterdales love to walk a lot and there are some wonderful experiences that we have had which I don’t think we would have done if we didn’t get Blake. We’ve been on some of the best dog walks in Liverpool including Crosby Beach and Croxteth Park. He has kept us well exercised even during the Covid-19 lockdown. We plan to do some walking in the Lake District and Snowdonia in the future. We’d like to take our Patterdale to Patterdale!!

#6 They make you feel Special

You know when you look into those eyes and it feels like they are saying thank you? It feels amazing. You give them everything that they need and they appreciate it. One of the best things about having a Patterdale? When you get home after your working day or shopping trip you are made to feel like the best person in the whole wide world when you return home!

#7 They are Good for your Mental Health

Patterdales love human touch and there is something extremely theraputic about stroking them. The amount of time you need to put into dog ownership means you can’t ease up. This means that your days have structure and routine and a reason to get up in the morning. All of these things can reduce mental health problems and can be good for depression.

#8 You will be more Sociable

It’s a funny thing, but since I got Blake I got to know the neighbours more! They certainly noticed when we started walking him – mainly because of his barking at first! But when he calmed down they all started to ask about his background and how it was going with his training! And have you ever noticed that people talk to you more when you have a dog? Walking around the park people would laugh at his craziness when he saw a squirrel, or ask me about the breed. I was surprised when quite a few people in Liverpool knew what breed he was and would stop and say ‘ah Terrier! Patterdale?!’

#9 Training is Rewarding with Patterdales

Patterdale terrier are so high energy and fiesty yet food motivated which is good for training. They respond well to positive reinforcement and clicker training. This meant that when we got our rescue Patterdale from an abusive home through the RSPCA he responded well to training. It was tough at first – in fact the first 3 months were just for him settling in and feeling secure with us. After that we got him a trainer and started doing clicker training. After a while he was ready for classes. And although he’s still not perfect, we have seen massive progress. It’s something that me and my husband work on together and it’s so rewarding.

#10 They are GREAT at Puzzles and Tricks

Patterdales are intelligent dogs that want to please and so they love to learn new tricks. When we first got Blake he could only really sit and not much else. Now he can lie down, spin round, roll over and sniff treats out when we hide them. It’s so much fun! And they are great at dog puzzles – Blake can now do his level 1 dog puzzle in about 20 seconds flat and it’s really entertaining to watch!

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