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It’s true….my Patterdale Terrier got me through lockdown!

We got him about a year and a half before Coronavirus hit and lockdown commenced. Now Blake is a rescue Patterdale who came from the RSPCA and so it did take him a while (at least 3 months) to settle in. But once he settled he became the most wonderful companion. And when we got him, little did we know how much is companionship would mean to us during the pandemic.

Plenty of Exercise – Why a Dog is a ‘Golden Ticket’ during Lockdown

First and foremost having a dog has kept us well exercised. A long walk with the dog was a great was to spend the ‘1 exercise a day’. Not to mention that dog owners would stop and talk to you from a socially acceptable 2 metre distance. It was like having a ‘GOLDEN TICKET!’

Endless Love and Companionship at home

Secondly the love and cuddles….Patterdale terriers are very loving dogs. We would be foolish to expect him to lie in his own bed when there is a comfortable lap available! Although I have missed the company of my friends during the Covid lockdown, I have certainly enjoyed the company of my sweet pooch, those brown eyes looking up at me.

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Saving me from a Mental Meltdown!

And you know dogs, they make EVERYTHING exciting – OMG we’re going for walkies! Food Wahoo! Playtime yeeeaaaaaaaah! And so life in lockdown with a dog can never be boring!

I honestly don’t know how I would have got through 3 solid months of isolation without my Blakey Boy without having a mental meltdown.

The Downsides of Lockdown for Dogs

The Increase in Breeding

It’s no surprise to hear that there has been a massive increase in demand for dogs. This is good news for dogs, but unfortunately, unethical puppy farms are on the rise as a result. They are turning pooches into profit and don’t care for the well being of the dogs. That’s why we always encourage people to rescue rather than buy. Why breed more when there are so many wonderful but unloved pooches in kennels who need a home.

Dogs are too Dependent on their Owners

The worry is that dogs get too used to having their owners at home with them and will struggle to adjust when they return to work.

Do check out this article on post lockdown training if you feel that your dog has become too scared of visitors or too dependent on you during the lockdown period.

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