Why you should Adopt not Shop

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Let’s not beat around the bush – dog rescue or adoption is not always an easy feat. There are many challenges that come with it such as house health issues and behavioural issues. It generally takes at least 3 months for an adopted dog to start to settle. So it’s difficult to tell what their true personality and/or problems are until after that point. But there are many reasons why you should adopt a dog rather than shop for a puppy.

My Experience with Pups and Rescues

I’ve owned 2 dogs from puppies and 2 adult rescue dogs – all terriers or terrier cross! I understand why people may get puppies – it’s easier to train them from pups and if you want to bring them up with kids and other animals these may be good reasons to get a pup. I can vouch for that – my two dogs from pups were always better behaved than both of my rescues. Also some people have specific reasons for needing a certain breed such as a working gundog or a show dog for crufts. But I always feel that people who CAN adopt a dog SHOULD.

Problems with the Puppy Farming Industry

Let me explain a few things about the puppy farming industry. Many people who breed puppies are in it for the money and this means that they may not have the best interests of the dogs at heart. Sometimes this means having pups in uncomfortable conditions such as outside in sheds or kennels and possible without the human interaction and medical treatment that they need from a young age. This can lead to many of the puppies not having the best start in life. Some of them are scared and have behavioural issues as a result.

Patterdale Terrier Puppy

The Increasing Numbers of Dogs in Rescue Centres

Secondly, while all of these puppies are bred for hard cash – often new crossbreed ‘designer dogs’ such as Cockapoos and Patterpoos – other dogs are getting thrown on the streets or being saved from bad homes and put in rescue centres. Many dogs come into rescue centres through no fault of their own such as break-ups or families moving into rented accommodation that doesn’t allow pets. Some rescue centres are overwhelmed with people who give up their dogs because they simply didn’t realise how much money and time it would take to look after them. This has sadly increased in 2020 due to the impacts of Covid-19. Some rescue centres in the UK have been more overwhelmed than ever this year.

It just Doesn’t make Sense….

And so continuing to breed new dogs when there are so many good dogs in rescue centres that need homes? It just doesn’t make sense…Yet this is the world that we live in. Money talks.

Reasons why you should Adopt a Dog

There are so many reasons why you should adopt a dog. It’s for the benefit of the dog but also rewarding for you. Here are some of my top reasons to adopt not shop…

  • You give a home to a dog who really needs it
  • You avoid funding the puppy farm industry
  • You will be rewarded with love and affection when you stick it out
  • You are likely to see benefit and positive changes when you train a rescue
  • It’s a challenge to embrace – you feel like you make a difference
  • You will experience an unbreakable loving bond with your rescue dog
  • Owning a dog is good for your physical and mental health
Rescue Patterdale dog

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