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It’s hot, hot, hot! Sometimes even too hot to go out with your pooch in the UK at the moment as temperatures reach a high of 27 in Liverpool this week! If you are walking with your dog, it’s best to go early in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler. And watch your dogs paw pads on pavements and concrete to make sure that they are not burning. Patterdale terriers are particularly high energy and will try to carry on regardless! When you do go walking in this hot weather, a dog water bottle is an essential item to carry.

A pet water bottle will be easy to carry and most of them can double up as a drinking bowl, limiting the amount of stuff you need to carry. We take Blakes portable dog water bottle on every walk because he is quite active (especially when he’s off lead!) and he wears himself out and gets very thirsty! When the weather is hot, have the water bottle at the ready regularly throughout long walks, Keep your dogs in the shade where possible and make sure that they rehydrate when they are panting.

COTOP Portable Dog Water Dispenser

Blakes water bottle is the best seller on Amazon. You simply press a button to release water into the spoon shaped dog bowl extension! The only thing is it holds just 12 Oz (approx 340ml) and he can get through this quite quickly! So consider one of the 500ml water bottles in a similar design if you have a big dog or if (like Blake) your dog gets thirsty regularly.

dog water bottle amazon best seller

Makefire Dog Water Bottle

This Makefire dog water bottle is a good alternative as it’s a similar design but it holds up to 550ml.

Makefire dog water bottle

Lesotc Dog Water Bottle

This Lesotc Water bottle doubles up as a drinking bowl and is a large capacity dog water bottle. It is BPA free (BPA stands for bisphenol A – a chemical previously used in plastics) and also it’s non-leaking. This portable dog water bottle comes in Pink and Blue and is available on Amazon.

lesotc dog water bottle

Laamei Canine Water Bottle (cheapest)

The cheapest option is this Laamei dog water bottle that comes in at under £10. It can hold up to 450ml and is great for a small or medium sized dog.

cheapest dog water bottle

Dual Chamber Water Bottle

This dual chamber option is fantastic because you can put food in one part and water in the other.The MATT SAGA Portable Pet Water Bottle and Food Container comes in seven bright colours including white, green, red, blue, orange, pink and yellow. It has 2 collapsible dog bowls, and a hook on the bottle to hang the folding bowl on. The Cup sizes are: 23*10cm and the Folding bowl: 5.5*13cm. The only down side to this is because of it’s dual capacity you actually lose room on the water so it’s only going to hold up to 350ml – we think this is not enough water for a medium sized dog or bigger, or a dog that gets particularly hot on walks.

750ml Capacity Dog Water Bottles

If you want to be sure to have enough water for your pooch, the best option for hot weather and/pr long walks in a 750ml capacity water bottle. We love this VIVAGLORY 750ml dog water bottle. It’s a lightweight neoprene water bottle carrier with another added plus – an adjustable wide strap. This makes it the perfect water bottle for your dog when hiking longer distances.

high capacity dog water bottle

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