Washable Dog Bed

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People think a dog’s life is easy. Just one long succession of walkies and dinnertime, barking and fetch. But you try running around all day. A dog’s life is exhausting! At the end of another exciting day, every dog wants to settle down into a warm, plush bed, to enjoy sweet dreams about juicy bones and wide-open fields.  The trouble is, after those long active days, your dog’s muddy bed needs a mighty good wash. Or your dog might have had a few stomach issues. Either way, you need a dog bed that’s as cosy as it is washable. A washable dog bed is a haven that’s clean and comfortable, but that’s still got style! 

Well, have we got some washable dog beds for you! Peruse this fabulous selection of the finest dog beds on the market. We’ve got everything from classic charm to modern and sleek—as well as, mattresses and baskets in all shapes and sizes, colours and materials. Read on to discover the perfect dog bed for you and your pooch…

Hound Comfort Bed

The Hound comfort bed abounds with old English country charm. From the beautiful leather logo to the soft covering of cotton and polyester, the bed is finished to an extremely high standard. The bed comes in a muted grey with the piping and front in a tasteful cream. Plus, being machine-washable, a quick spin will bring the fabric up as good as new. The base also wipes clean, and the non-slip back will stop the bed sliding all over your hardwood flooring.

hound comfort washable dog bed

Hound has made a warm, stylish product that will fit seamlessly into your home, whether it be a spacious manor or cosy flat.

Available in Medium and Large. One colour scheme. 

Joyelf Medium Memory Foam Dog Bed

Let me introduce you to the Joyelf Memory Foam Bed. Don’t let the soft, comfy exterior fool you; the Joyelf bed is packed with the latest high-quality materials. The outer fabric covering is luxuriously silky, providing warmth and comfort. The bolster is generously stuffed with PP cotton, so is both breathable and hardwearing. Don’t worry about little accidents with the inner waterproof cover, ideal for older dogs. While the memory foam itself provides the ‘ultimate sleep experience’, and is suitable for dogs with orthopaedic ailments. Plus, it’s flame retardant. Finally, the base has a non-slip coating which is also waterproof. 

Joyelf Memory foam dog bed

They’ve thought of everything! 

And in silky grey with orange piping the bed’s tasteful too. So, check out the Joyelf Memory Foam Dog Bed.

Available in small, medium and large. One colour scheme.

Geezy Waterproof Dog Bed

Geezy’s waterproof dog bed is essentially a giant cushion with a handle. Ideal for carting off on holiday or out in the garden on a sunny afternoon. The versatile bed is hard wearing with a washable cover. Simply undo the zip and pull out the removable cushion. The style is funky yet simplistic, with a paw print motif in the corner and a bright border which comes in blue, red or black. Unfortunately, you can’t pick your colour. But then again, they all look fantastic. 

Try it out – the bed for all occasions.

Available in one size (88cm x 55cm x 8cm).

Home Hut Fur Dog Bed

Alright, the Home Hut fur dog bed might just be a winner here. As stylish as a statement cushion, you’d buy for your sofa, but hardwearing and super comfortable too. My dog will definitely want one! The super-soft covering provides such a smooth and silky resting place that you’ll be struggling to get them to leave. Also, being lightweight, you can carry it around the house. Want to chill with your dog in your bedroom as you read? Bring the pillow. Fancy relaxing out on the patio. Get the pillow.  

home hut fur dog bed

The pillow is available in a classy blue-grey, suitable for any home décor, and is made from 100% polyester. 

Available in medium and large. One colour scheme.

Bedsure Plush Dog Bed

This Bedsure’s Plush Dog Bed might be the most attractive on the list. Effortlessly stylish and elegant, with smooth, rounded curves beckoning to the cosy ribbed base. The bolster hugs your pooch to create a ‘den-like sleeping alcove’ which boosts your dog’s feeling of security. Essentially, it’s a hug in the form of a bed. How sweet is that! Or does your dog prefer to loll over the side with a cheeky leg hanging out? Well, they can do that too.

Bedsure plush dog bed

Made from high-quality, super soft, warm microfibre fabric, it offers unparalleled durability and comfort. The colours are subtle and neutral, coming in black, brown and grey, the stitching is neat and impeccable, and the base is non-skid for hardwood and tile flooring.

All trademarked Bedsure products also come with a no-questions-asked 30-day return policy. So, there’s nothing to lose, let your dog take a snooze!

Available in medium, large and x-large. Comes in black, brown and grey.

Fristone Dog Bed

If your dog is on the large side, don’t sacrifice comfort, check out the Fristone Dog Bed. This cavern of comfort is a capacious nest for your dog to relax in. Warm, fleece-lining offers a cosy habitat even through the chilly winter months. At the same time, PP cotton stuffing has breathable properties. It can provide orthopaedic support to relieve pain in joints and muscles.

Easy-to-clean and fast-drying, the bed will be washed and ready-to-use again in no time. The whole bed is machine washable to help reduce bacterial growth and keep your pooch healthy and happy.

Fristone dog bed

The suede covering is both tasteful and soft, but also highly durable, being bite-resistant. It’ll tolerate even the most tenacious gnashers. The base is also non-slip, and sides tower up to protect your pet’s neck, helping any fatigue or discomfort. Overall, this is an attractive, plush bed, built to last. 

Fristone has been producing pet beds for more than ten years, garnering a reputation for excellent quality and fantastic customer experience.

Available in x-large, xx-large, and xxx-large. Comes in brown, black, red, and grey.

All Pet Solutions Alfie Range Dog Bed

If your dog likes to feel safe and secure, protected from the worries and surprises of the world, then All Pet Solutions Alfie Range are the beds you’ve been looking for. This comfy cushion alcove is excellent for dogs of all sizes. The high sides lock in warmth and provide maximum comfort. 

All pet solutions Alfie range dog bed

One fantastic and inventive feature is the internal cushion base. One-side is soft and fluffy, while the other is smooth and crisp. Let your dog pick what they fancy. The bed is 100% machine washable, just fire up the machine to 30C and forget about it. 

And let’s not forget the stylish muffin case shape. Your dog will look adorable snoozing in the centre. It also comes in a range of colours from pretty pink to nautical navy, as well as check, grey and brown for a more subtle finish.

Available in small, medium and large. Comes in pink, navy, check, grey, and brown.

On Paws ‘Sleep Tight Nest’ Dog Bed

Next up we have a dog bed that wouldn’t look out of place on either a space station or as a booth in a high-end restaurant. The ‘Sleep Tight Nest’ certainly delivers on its promise. A soft and plush alcove to sleep away the day’s worries. But best of all, it’s fully machine washable, with the inside cushion being reversible and removable to help make washing less of a chore.

The outer coat is high-quality and durable, made from a polyester and nylon fabric coated with DuPont Teflon to repel water, oil, and stains. The walls are reinforced with premium quality fibre, to create a bed packed with comfort and snugness.

washable dog bed sleep tight nest

Inside, the fleece lining is super soft, with a plump cushioned base. Of course, the bottom has an anti-slip mesh to prevent the dog’s bed sliding where it’s not wanted. 

Available in small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large. Comes in brown, dark blue, and black/grey.

Soft Cushion Donut Cuddler Dog Bed

So, it turns out cloud-9 isn’t a legendary place of comfort, it’s actually a dog’s bed. Or at least that’s what I first thought when I saw CXLY’s soft cushion doughnut cuddler. Cuddler being the keyword! It’s essentially a giant fluff ball. The outer lining of this washable dog bed is a super-soft cosy shag fabric designed to mimic mother’s fur – inducing deeper sleep, as well as being supremely comfortable. However, inside things only get more divine. The bed is filled with premium quality virgin AirLOFT fibres that’ll make even the most candy floss cloud seem as hard as wood. 

donut cuddler dog bed

This washable dog bed is available in a range of sizes, from 19” x 19” up to 47.2” x 47.2”. Comes in beige, coffee, light grey and dark grey. 

So, check out this fabulous selection of the best washable dog beds on the market. Don’t let stains and accidents ruin a good dog bed, get one built to last with these easy-to-clean offerings. However, if your dog is more on the rough-and-tumble side, check out our breakdown of the best chew proof dog beds. 

Which washable dog bed do you prefer? Feel free to comment below!

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