Dental sticks are hard, chewy, textured treats that are made to improve your dog’s oral health. The coarse texture of the treats will help reduce plaque and tartar buildup between your dog’s teeth while giving them an enjoyable experience like any other flavoured treat would. Most DentaSticks are designed to be fed to your dogs … Read more

Whimzees Chews

whimzees chews

We all know how important dental care is for our own teeth. For a dog who relies on his/her teeth for quite a few things in its everyday life, having strong, healthy teeth is paramount. Canine dental care is an important aspect of your dog’s hygiene, but getting a dog’s teeth to stay clean can … Read more

Whimzees Alligators for Dogs

Whimzees alligators

Blake’s a very lucky boy this week, because he received a pack of Whimzees alligators from his auntie Suzie! Now, we hadn’t seen these before, but I’ve got to admit they look damn cool! There are many other reasons for dogs to love them… What are Whimzees Alligators? Whimzees alligators are alligator shaped natural daily … Read more