Whimzees Alligators for Dogs

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Blake’s a very lucky boy this week, because he received a pack of Whimzees alligators from his auntie Suzie! Now, we hadn’t seen these before, but I’ve got to admit they look damn cool! There are many other reasons for dogs to love them…

WHIMZEES By Wellness Alligator,...
WHIMZEES By Wellness Alligator,...
WHIMZEES By Wellness Alligator,...
WHIMZEES By Wellness Alligator,...

What are Whimzees Alligators?

Whimzees alligators are alligator shaped natural daily dental treats for dogs, and so they are great for dental care helping with cleaner teeth and fresher breath for your pooch. They are healthy and made from only natural ingredients. They are made by ‘Paragon Pet Products’ and are…

  • Vegetarian
  • Grain Free
  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free

Different Sizes of Whimzees Alligators

They come in different sizes for different dogs and we found the Medium perfect for Patterdales and other terriers and Spaniels. Small is great for Chihuahua’s and pugs and the large would be great for Labaradors and Great Danes.

Whimzees alligators for dogs

What we loved!

The Whimzees alligators come in a velcro pack so they are easy to store and reseal. There are three colours – beige, orange and green – a bit like tri-colour spaghetti! But most importantly, Blake the rescue Patterdale absolutely LOVED these! He was so excited about his first Whimzee alligator that he couldn’t even sit down and contain his excitement! They must smell amazing to them! Blake took his straight in his bed and it kept him happily chewing away fro about 20 minutes! This makes them a great distraction for your dog if you have to get work done or you have visitors.

Where to buy Whimzees Alligators

You can buy Whimzees Alligators online – order them from Amazon and they will be with you in a couple of days – faster if you order with Prime. They come in packs of 6 (large), 12 (medium) or 24 (small).

WHIMZEES By Wellness Alligator,...
  • NEW PACKAGING: A brand new look for WHIMZEES By Wellness! Don't worry - there is still the same goodness inside, our recipes remain unchanged. Please be aware that depending on the time of your order, you might still receive our old packaging. We thank you for your understanding.
  • DAILY DENTAL CARE FOR DOGS: Our treats not only complement every dog’s daily food routine, but they also prevent dental plaque up to 80% better than other leading dental treats.
  • PREVENTS BAD BREATH AND TARTAR BUILD-UP: Our Triple Care dental care for dogs reduces plaque, fights tartar and combats bad breath of dogs. For good oral hygiene!

If you like to order your dog treats in bulk you can order a box of 75 medium on amazon.

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Follow this link to find out more about Whimzees chews!

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