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Chews are an extremely important part of a dogs diet. They keep the dog engaged and distracted whilst also providing supplemental nutrition in addition to their normal food. They keep their teeth nice and clean too. Many dog owners opt for natural dog chews including hooves, antlers and pigs ears. Natural dog chews are a safe and tasty option for your pooch – here are some of our favourites.

Our Favourite Natural Dog Chews

If you’re looking for an alternative to store-bought treats, try one of these natural dog chews that are all-natural and contain little to no fat.

Pigs Ears

Pigs ears are a great low-fat chew for your pet! Packed with protein and fatty acids, the squeaky texture is sure to get your pup’s attention.

Bounce and Bella Pigs Ears for Dogs – Natural Dog Chews – Healthy Treats and Chews to Help Clean...
  • HEALTHY! 100% Pork, just one ingredient so you know exactly what you are feeding your gorgeous dog. Which means no hidden nasties! No grain, no gluten, no derivatives, no additives, no preservatives – just 100% Pork – which means no more worrying about unhealthy and unnatural hidden ingredients and the damage they cause such as itching, digestive pain, obesity, gum damage and harmful allergic reactions.
  • A FRESH APPROACH! Pig ears cut into strips mean every dog breed from small to large can now really get stuck into chewing a tasty treat. They work like dental chews for dogs - really getting in and around the teeth and gums which means less plaque and tartar build up. That’s wonderful because it’ll help you and your lovely dog avoid having to go through the upsetting process of tartar removal at the vets and the pain of gum disease or toothache.
  • NATURAL! Because we use a natural air drying process to preserve raw pig ears – no chemicals are used to toughen the skin (unlike rawhide!). Which means there is no hidden damage being done by nasty drying treatments. You can relax knowing your dog chews are long lasting, natural and premium quality - made in the EU under the same strict laws as the UK.

Pigs Trotters

Trotter, or pig’s feet, are a good alternative to pigs ears since they are larger and your dog will take longer to chew them. They’re also low in fat and protein and make a great long-lasting chew.

Elk Antlers

Natural elk antlers are hard to find, so if you find some for your pet be sure to pick some up! Elk antlers contain large amounts of protein but little fat. The antlers will help clean your dog’s teeth as well.

100% Natural Deer Split Antler for Dogs Premium Long Lasting Dog Chew Toy, Size Small
  • LONG LASTING DOG CHEW - Dogs love to chew. Premium grade antler chews will keep your dog busy. Be sure your dog will be occupied for hours. Our antlers for dogs are the perfect chewing distraction for your dog to explore its natural instincts. Antlers will not splinter and get stuck in its teeth.
  • ALL-NATURAL ANTLERS - A natural source of calcium, phosphorous, manganese and zinc. Antlers are a perfect for bone and teeth formation. The chondroitin sulfate found in antler is particularly beneficial for your dog's bone and joint health, and is often an important component of joint health supplements. Chewing helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup.
  • GREAT FOR INDOORS - Our deer antlers are odor free and will not rot or smell like other natural chews and is more appealing than synthetic chews. It is sticky and grease free. Perfect indoor chew for dogs - be sure your chair legs and other furniture will stay unmolested. Chewing redirects destructive tendencies and anxiety into an acceptable outlet.

Cow Hooves

Cow hooves are similar to pigs trotters but larger. They’re also a good, long-lasting chew that your dog is sure to love. Just make sure he chews them on a hard surface, like concrete. Cow hooves are also high in protein and fatty acids. Blake absolutely loves his hooves and so we buy them in bulk. Hooves last a long time without going off which is another advantages of them over bones.

British Dried Empty Beef Cow Hooves x50 For Dogs, 100% Natural Treats, Long Lasting Grain Free Chew
  • NO NASTIES & PRODUCED IN THE UK - 100% Natural dried healthy dog treats, no additives, produced in the UK. You can treat your dog worry free, our high quality hooves are not imported.
  • SINGLE INGREDIENT CHEW - These hooves are made with only one ingredient; beef. They are NOT full of preservatives and nasties, your dog will absolutely love these! A great alternative to antlers and rawhide.
  • GLUTEN & GRAIN FREE - Hooves are hypoallergenic, and is very high in protein. If your dog is sensitive to gluten these treats are ideal, natural treats will digest gently.


Rawhide makes a great chew for dogs, but it’s not a completely all-natural product. Rawhide is dried animal hide that is often preserved with chemicals or synthetic preservatives in order to prevent spoilage.

HOWLERS Natural Rawhide Twists, 13 cm, Pack of 100
  • Value Pack of 100 Twists 12.5cm long
  • High Quality Natural Rawhide
  • High in Protein

Lamb Horns

Lamb horns are very similar to rawhide and definitely a good choice for a dog treat. The only difference between the two is that lambs horns are naturally preserved and don’t contain chemicals or preservatives. Lambs horns have been proven to help clean teeth and prevent plaque build-up in your dogs mouth. The best part is that they’re almost completely fat free!

Express Pet Supplies Lamb Horn Dog Treat Chews - 100% Natural SMALL (150g-200g)
  • 100% Natural: Our Lamb Horns are completely Natural with no Added flavours or nasty Chemicals
  • Small Horn: Approx. 6-8 Inches 100g-200g ideal for smaller breeds and Puppies (Under 6 Months)
  • Long Lasting: Lamb Horns are great to keep them busy and occupied for hours on end and great value for money

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are a popular alternative to bully sticks, but contain no preservatives or chemicals so it’s best not to give them as a treat too often. They are low in protein, have no fat, and make a great long-lasting chew for your pet.

Dragonfly Products 10 pieces Bulls PIZZLES Pizzle Bully Stick for Dogs EU Natural Treat (Jumbo...
  • ✔ GRADED BY WEIGHT - each pizzle weigh 40g+ and is best suited for large to giant dogs
  • ✔ TOUGH AND LONG LASTING - A great tough chew for even the most prolific chewer. Store in the freezer for an even tougher chew
  • ✔ 100% EU PRODUCE – no imports of dubious quality for us.

Benefits of Natural Chews

Natural chews for dogs have many benefits. Natural chews are healthier than processed, chemically treated treats that can contain ingredients like wheat, corn, and soy. Processed treats can also contain high quantities of fat or sugar which are unhealthy for your pup. Many chemical treatments also cause an allergy or other reaction in sensitive pups, making these so-called ‘healthy’ treats a serious problem if consumed too often.

Here are some of the main benefits of natural dog chews:

Energy boost – Natural chews contain more protein than processed treats. This is the energy that provides your pup with sustained energy and good brain function, helping him to burn calories so he doesn’t overeat because he’s too lazy to go for a walk.

More Protein – Natural chews contain more protein than processed treats. This is the energy that provides your pup with sustained energy and good brain function, helping him to burn calories so he doesn’t overeat because he’s too lazy to go for a walk.

Reduced risk of obesity – We know that it’s your dog’s responsibility to be fit and healthy! As overweight is the most common cause of hip dysplasia, dogs become more susceptible to this disease the longer they are overweight. This means that natural chews are not only better for your dog, but also his health.

How often should I give Natural Chews to my Dog?

We find that we don’t need to give Blake a chew every single day, because a hoof or a pigs ear can last him a couple of days. He loves to bury a hoof in his bed and then dig it up a few days later! So generally, I would recommend one or two a week, depending on the size of your dog. Keep a note of how many he is ‘stashing’. He he is stashing or burying them and the abundance of chews comes to a halt, he will dig up the ones he has saved for later! This is a natural behaviour for them.

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