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I often get asked by other dog owners ‘How long do Patterdale terriers live for?’ What is the Patterdale terrier lifespan? Of course, the heartbreaking part of dog ownership is saying goodbye at the end of their life, and we all want to know that we have as long as possible with our furry friends. The great news is that Patterdale terriers have a relatively long lifespan for a dog.

The Average Patterdale Terrier Lifespan

Small dogs tend to live longer than larger breeds and most terriers are sturdy. The fact that Patterdale terriers have not been overly bred and are not Kennel club recognised helps. Patterdale Terriers generally live for between 12-15 years when well cared for and looked after with access to good vetenary treatment.

I’ve known people with Patterdale terriers that have lived to the age of 17 and 19 years old. In fact, I once met someone whose Patterdale terrier called Digger lived until he was 21!

How to help your Patterdale Terrier to live a long and Healthy Life

With good health care, diet and exercise you can help your patterdale terrier to live a long and healthy life.

Vaccinations and Health Care

Make sure that your dog is vaccinated and maintain the annual boosters to protect your dog from canine diseases. Also keep your dog up to date with flea and worm treatments. You may like to read more about maintaining good Patterdale terrier health here.


Your Patterdale terrier will need at least two walks a day for around 30 minutes, preferably one of these being an off lead run in a safe and enclosed area. Patterdale terriers are bred in the Lake District of Cumbria (England) and are comfortable in countryside terrain in all British weathers. They will appreciate extended walks in the countryside for 2-3 hours on weekends and they are great companions on walking holidays.


Choose the right food for your dogs age. They are likely to be on puppy food up to around 12-18 months and then adult food for most of their life. At around 10 years old, you may decide to choose to switch to a senior dog food. Choose a balanced dog food such as Burns dog food or a healthy wet dog food such as Forthglade dog food. Always seek your vets advice if you are unsure of what to feed your pooch.

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  1. Our patterdale is 15 in November. She is generally in good health but has the most awful rotten fish smell. We have tried various things but nothing helps. It’s like a rotten smell and been like this for the past year, Any idea of what this may be
    Thanks in advance


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