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You may be looking for a new dog to keep you company, and you may even have noticed the spike in prices for dogs due to covid. So why not rescue a dog instead?

Why is rescuing important?

Well, rescuing is important for many reasons. One of which being that if people choose to adopt a dog rather than to source one from a breeder, then the breeders will be out of business and there will be less dogs at rehoming centres looking for their forever home. The problem does not lie with all breeders of course, only backyard breeders and puppy farms where the dogs are treated badly and those who purchase them are not aware of the signs to look out for to make sure you are buying from a proper breeder who looks after the dogs. People buying less from breeders will essentially stop puppy farms from existing due to the low demand of buying dogs outwith rehoming centres. 

Eventually dogs in rescue homes can be put down if there is no interest in them. So it is very important to look into rehoming a dog instead of buying one from a breeder. It is also equally important to make sure that you are ready to own a dog. Make sure that you do plenty of research and that you are absolutely sure that you have plenty of room for a furry friend in your life. Because the last thing your dog needs, and the last thing rehoming centres need is yet another dog added to the list of dogs without a home.

Benefits of rescuing a dog

There are many benefits of rescuing a dog instead of buying one from breeders. One of which is that you can trust rescue homes to be honest and trustworthy and they will provide you with all the information and help that you need. Rescue homes also match you with a dog that will match not only your requirements, but your new furry friend’s too. They can do this because they assess their dog’s needs and make sure that they match your own living conditions. Rescue dogs also receive vet checks so you can know for sure what your new family member’s needs will be, but you also know that when you get them they have been looked after well by the rehoming centres. Many rescue centres offer rehoming packs that may include food, microchipping, vaccinations, a collar, and a lead etc. 

Dog Rescue Liverpool – Where can I Adopt a Dog?

In the Liverpool area there are many rehoming centres:

RSPCA on the Wirral

We actually got Blake our rescue Patterdale at the RSPCA in Liverpool before it sadly shut down, but there is now an RSPCA on the Wirral. The RSPCA often hold dogs who have been previously abused and come from rough backgrounds, but like any other dog they are just looking for a loving home to restart their life and you could be the person to give them that. 

The RSPCA here mostly hold cats, but there are still some dogs available too. This branch of the RSPCA has been around since the 1940s’ and they are normally full to capacity with animals, showing just how important rehoming is as dogs who are found and don’t have homes and there is no room at rehoming centres have a chance to be put to sleep. 

Merseyside Dogs Home

Merseyside dogs home advise and help you to find the dog that is best suited to you. The dogs home helps to rehome local dogs who are either lost or abandoned in the Merseyside area. They are a charity who take good care of the dogs and make sure that these dogs find their forever home. 

Dogs Trust Merseyside

Every single one of us has heard about the Dogs Trust and the amazing work that they do. The Dogs Trust were founded in 1891 and are a trustworthy rehoming centre who take good care of their dogs and try their best to rehome them in their forever homes. Their process matches you with a dog and makes sure that your requirements match up with the dog that you are interested in. This process is to make sure that the dog’s best interests are at heart. 

Liverpool Dog Rescue

The Liverpool Dog Rescue is a non-profit organisation who have been around since 2007, becoming a registered UK charity in 2009. They pride themselves on taking on dogs who would usually be put to sleep, and rehoming them. The centre gives the dogs love, fun, treatment, and therapy in order to make sure that the dogs can get their forever home. 

Carla Lane Animals in Need

Carla Lane Animals in Need have been a rescue for over forty years. They rescue, rehabilitate, and then rehome a number of animals, including dogs. They take dogs who are about to be euthanised and rehabilitate them with the hope that they can find them their forever home. 

Freshfields Animal Rescue

Freshfields Animal Rescue is a charity organisation who take abandoned, abused, and unwanted animals from both domestic and non-domestic backgrounds. They rehome some and integrate others back into their natural environment. They provide the animals with food, medication, and therapy in order to rehome them or get them back to their normal environment. The Liverpool location has been around since 1986 and can hold around 45 dogs at any one time. 

Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue 

Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue is a charity which was founded in 2009. The charity focuses on rehoming boxers, but they do also help similar breeds such as mastiffs, bulldogs, and sometimes even pugs. The charity relies on foster homes as they don’t have their own premises and they refuse to put dogs to sleep unless for extreme medical or behavioural problems. Their goal is to be able to purchase a premises so that they can expand on the animals they rehome and so that the rehabilitation process can be easier. 

Bullie Rescue UK

Bullie Rescue UK is a charity who don’t have a physical visiting centre either. Bully breeds tend to do better in foster homes rather than kennels, so Bullie Rescue UK rely on dog foster carers when saving and working to rehome dogs. Of course it is in the name, but Bullie Rescue UK focuses primarily on rehoming bull breed dogs.

As you can see, there are many different options for dog rescue Liverpool, and also places like Dogs Trust can transfer dogs from further away if you’re a perfect match. 

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