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North Wales is a scenic destination that should be on every UK resident’s must-visit list. Whether it’s a special trip or a regular occurrence, taking a walk through the beautiful landscapes of North Wales is both essential and soothing. Research has proven that regular outdoor walks can provide an array of health benefits, but these all get amplified when you bring man’s best friend- your dog! Taking your dog for a walk in the beautiful countryside of North Wales will reveal hidden gems and natural wonders while reducing your stress and benefitting you and your puppy pal, so read on for our favourite dog walks in the North Wales area!

The Best Dog Walks in North Wales

Thirlmere (5 miles)

Thirlmere, formed by a natural lake collapsing into a larger reservoir in the 1800s, is an excellent spot for a leisurely dog walk. Surrounded by unmarked but easily accessible trails, the Thirlmere area, though steep in some parts, provides an excellent space for bird watching, where you can spot everything from musk ducks to Australasian grebes. The track starts at the Couridjah picnic area, providing a great spot to bring your pup and a picnic before heading onward to seek out the lake.

Elterwater and Skelwith Force Falls (2.5 miles)

Starting by the quaint village of Elterwater, take your dog for a walk along the River Brathay along to Elterwater Lake. It’s one of the best dog walks North Wales has to offer. Reaching the lake will surely take your breath away; it feels like a painting. The mesmerizing backdrop of the Langdale pikes makes the trip through the woodland worth it. A short but pleasant hike, the Falls are beautiful to visit and will surely delight both you and your dog. After returning from the village, stop by the dog-friendly Britannia Inn or Elterwater Cafe to enjoy a refreshment and a bite to eat (and maybe toss a scrap or two to your pet!)

Ennerdale Water (7.5 miles)

Dog Walks North Wales

For a quiet promenade with your pooch, check out one of the more secluded lakes on Ennerdale Water. You’ll want to keep your eyes open for some beautiful views of the best falls in Cumbria: Great Gable, Green Gable, High Crag, and more. A serene walk starting and ending at Bleach Green Car Park is made into an even more lovely experience with your dog around the local hamlet of Ennerdale Bridge. Once you’ve sufficiently tired yourself and your pet out, the Fox & Hound is a great place to grab a drink with your furry friend at your side.

Nant Mill Wrexham (6.5 miles)

This lengthy walk offers gorgeous and historic views while providing plenty of healthy exercise for both you and your high energy puppy. Featuring breathtaking countryside with views from the local Minera Lead Mines, Bersham Iron Works, the Heritage Centre, and Erddig Estate, you’ll be left wanting to dive into the local history and explore the complicated mine and iron industry and its roots in North Wales. Amble through pristine and ancient woodlands following the River Clywedog and enjoy the wildlife, including squirrels, bank voles, and many more! This trip may be a hike, but the adventure and sacred history you discover will be well worth it.

Nercwys Forest Walk (3 miles)

Nercwys Forest Walk

The Nercwys Forest features a 3-mile pleasant trail that circles Llyn Ochyn lake. The relatively flat trail is popular with walkers and cyclists but offers plenty of opportunities to interact with nature and bring your puppy along with you. Enjoy wildlife such as buzzards, goldcrest, and coal tits, and relax to catch your breath by the small lake, Llyn Ochyn. This trail is ideal for beginning walkers looking for an easier natural experience, and can also be good for older or injured dogs who need low-impact and easy exercise. Don’t worry- there’s plenty of benches for you to rest on while your puppy pal naps beside you!

Talacre Beach (4 miles)

For a coastal delight, Talacre Beach is an incredible choice. Enjoy walking through the Gronant Dunes and take in the beautiful sections of the coast including the Point of Ayr lighthouse on the lengthier four-mile walk. If you prefer a shorter walk, then try the Talacre 2 miles circular walk, which is well suited for dogs and owners of all ages and walking abilities. Enjoy the crashing waves of the coast and breathe in the fresh air for a rejuvenating and lovely experience with your dog.

Colwyn Bay Walk (6 miles)

This fairly easy coastal walk along the Colwyn Bay promenade provides breathtaking views of the Little Orme and the Great Orme as well as panoramic views of the Bay of Colwyn.  Quarry boats, the various sea birds, and the sea views will be a delightful and nautical experience perfect for water-loving owners (and dogs). Along the route, you may see fishermen, cormorants, and boats loading up along the Llanddulas jetty, plus limestone quarrying and other fun sights. There is plenty to see on the Old Colwyn to Llanddulas walk, and it’s a great place to take a high-energy dog looking to burn off some excitement and chase some waves.

Wherever you end up in North Wales, the odds are good that you’ll take in some stunning countryside and beautiful natural scenery. Bringing your pup with you is a great way to bond with your best friend and expose them to fresh and healthy air that will do you both good. 

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