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Bath is a hidden gem of a city and is known for its historical architecture and scenic views. Therefore, knowing the walking routes is imperative to capture the city’s beauty. It is the perfect place to take your dog on a walk and take some great photos! Here are some of the best dog walks in Bath…

Royal Victoria Park

Royal Victoria park is by far one of the biggest parks to take your dog for a walk. There is 57 acres of greenery to explore with your dog. The walk has a slight incline, but you can walk from one end of the park to the other without having to go uphill. This park is great if your dog requires a lot of exercise. In addition, if you are tired after your walk there are a couple of places near the mini golf course to have a snack and a drink. So water bowls are often provided nearby. This particular area is very busy in the summertime with many families and friends gathering to have a picnic. However, there is sure than enough space for a peaceful dog walk.

Bath University

Opposite Bath Cats and Dogs home there is an area surrounding the rugby pitch where you can walk your dog. During rugby season they suggest you use the woods surrounding the pitch but during the off season many dog walkers use the grassy area. The woods have many sticks to throw for your dog and they love to forage in the bushes and high grass. 

Bath Skyline Park

Near Beechen Cliff School, lies the Bath Skyline Park. It is a small circular park and there are many people from nearby houses who use this area for their daily dog walks. If your dog is friendly and enjoys having a play with other dogs, then there is a good chance this park is for you. Around the back of the park there is a view of the whole of Bath’s city centre. This is a popular place to get a great photo of the Skyline.

Musical Tunnels

If you prefer flatter terrain, then the Musical Tunnels are for you. Situated near Bear Flat, there are two musical tunnels that run underground. The first tunnel is slightly longer (1.03miles) but for a longer dog walk you can walk both tunnels. This route is also for cyclists, but the tunnel is wide enough that you do not have to worry about putting your dog on a lead. Just make sure your dog does not run off too far from your side. The tunnels get their infamous name because at the midpoint of the tunnel there are lights and violin music. This creates a peaceful ambiance and is definitely a walk to experience. 

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An Area outside of Bath to try:

Lacock- Lacock Abbey 

If you are feeling adventurous then I would suggest driving to Lacock. Lacock is famous for being a film hotspot for the the Harry Potter movies. Therefore, it has a magical feel and the walk connects to the village and farmland nearby. The fields take around 1 hour 30 minutes to complete and there is a shallow river for dogs to play in.  Overall, this walk is one to try especially if want to explore a small village.

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