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Today we are here to introduce you to the best Dog walks in Devon including Fingle Bridge and Lorna Doone.

Fingle Bridge

Dog Walks in Devon

Fingle Bridge is located north of Dartmoor and is regarded as one of the most enchanting spots in mid-Devon. You can choose from two different paths to walk. One is easier and less of an incline and the other is steeper and has many twists and turns. If your dog is fond of water the first path would be the one to choose. For the adventurous walkers, it will take around 90 minutes to complete at a fast pace. If you are more of a slow walker then it will take around 2 hours to complete. At the end of the walk with a visit to the large pub right next to the bridge, which is dog friendly!


Parke is part of the National Trust and the walk features the grand country Parke House as well as the grounds and woodland area. You can either take the woodland walking route or the route along the streams. I would suggest the streams if your dog likes taking a dip in the water. Dog are allowed to go anywhere unless there are animals in the nearby fields or crossing over pathways. In regard to refreshments, The Cleave is a dog friendly pub that welcomes all breeds.

Beesands to Hallsands

Beesands to Hallsands

Beesands is a long stretch of coastline that goes on until it reaches the ‘Village that Fell into the Sea’. Here you can learn the history of Hallsands and see the ruins. The ruins were caused by the force of the ocean washing away the village over time. When looking out at sea you may be able to see seals that are sunbathing. Other than that, it is unlikely that you will see many animals. The walk itself is quite steep so it is a great walk for an active dog. The views are definitely worth the challenging walk.

Gara Rock to Mill Bay

Gara Rock to Mill bay is a southwest coastal path that is around 4 miles (circular walk). The views are beautiful, and the sandy beaches are great if your dog likes the beach life. There are a few places to stop and have a picnic for lunch and a couple of shops nearby to purchase some snacks.  

The walk starts at Gara Rock, where the views are stunning of Gara beach and beyond towards Prawle Point. The walk sets off in the other direction, turning right and taking the coastal path due west towards Salcombe. The walking trail is carved into the headland by previous walkers and as it descends, you will see Sunny Cove and Mill Bay. Sunny Cove and Mill bay are coves where your dog can explore and have fun. It is also much safer for your dog. At the end of the walk, there is a dog-friendly restaurant with a beautiful sun-terrace located at the end of the walk.

Lorna Doone 

The Lorna Doone Walk is around 5.4 miles (8.7 km). Therefore, it is quite a long walk. It is a challenging walk with footpaths, tracks, bridleways, quiet lanes, and some steep ascent and descent. If the path seems dangerous then I would suggest putting your dog on a lead. This walk is extremely picturesque, and you are high above the coast, so the view is amazing. I would recommend taking a coastal photo once you reach the top. If you continue into Lorna Doone the church is very pretty and often used for weddings. Lastly, Malmshead has a dog friendly pub for after your walk and for refreshments.

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