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Agility training is gaining popularity quite fast in the UK and for a good reason. It’s a great form of exercise for both you and your furry pal, and it provides a great opportunity for the two of you to bond. In agility, a dog and its handler work together to complete an obstacle course as accurately as they can and in the shortest time possible. This sport requires a great amount of training, dedication, and teamwork. But you can enjoy this sport with your dog without competing! You can try backyard agility courses to give your dog the exercise and stimulation they need as well as build a strong and trusting relationship with your four-legged companion. Watching your dog maneuver around obstacles, crawl through tunnels, and jump across hoops can be quite exhilarating. Whether you want to professionally compete or do it just for fun, here is a list of several dog agility sets that you can buy for maximum performance. 

PawHut Pet Agility Training...
Callieway® 2x Agility Hurdle Jump...
PawHut Pet Agility Training...
Callieway® 2x Agility Hurdle Jump...
PawHut Pet Agility Training...
PawHut Pet Agility Training...
Callieway® 2x Agility Hurdle Jump...
Callieway® 2x Agility Hurdle Jump...

Benefits of Dog Agility Training

Agility has a lot of surprising benefits that you may not even know of. Here are a few:

  • Satisfies Your Dog’s Natural Instincts 
  • Provides Mental and Physical Stimulation
  • Helps your dog socialize with other people and dogs
  • Great physical exercise for dogs
  • Trains your dog to avoid distraction
  • Practices self-control 
  • Helps manage your dog’s anxiety and build confidence

Agility training can also be hugely beneficial for you! Here are a few ways in which you can benefit from Agility:

  • Helps get you in shape and increase your own fitness
  • Helps you recognize your dog’s drive
  • Allows you to train your dog positively 
  • Helps you establish positive reinforcement with playtime 
  • Helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog

Agility: Get Started 

It might feel overwhelming to get started on agility. What do you need to get started with agility training? Here is a very basic breakdown for beginners who want to try it out for the first time:


A large enough space is vital for agility training. It doesn’t have to be massive, just big enough to fit the equipment and for your dog to practice. You can set up training ground in the comfort of your back yard. If you don’t have a large enough space at your home, you can always take classes. Find training clubs around you to get your dog enlisted. The UK has some fantastic training clubs that you can check out.

Dog Agility Set: 

Get your dog started in agility with an agility set. If you are on a budget or feel creative, you can build one yourself. If you are not a DIY kind of person, then you can always buy agility and obstacle sets that include everything. These obstacle sets usually include:

  • A teeterboard
  • Tunnel
  • Collapsed tunnel
  • Standard Jumps
  • Tire Jumps
  • Weave poles
  • Pause table
  • Dog Walk

Training Treats:

Last but not least, don’t forget your training treats! Give your dog high value treats that it absolutely dotes on as a way to encourage your dog to perform even better. 

Agility Set: What to Look For

Dog agility sets come in a range of prices, depending on what you’re looking for. Here is a list of 5 Agility sets that you can check out:

Yaheetech Pet Dog Agility Training Tunnel 

If you’re looking for a very basic tunnel set to get your shy dog started on agility training, this training tunnel might be just what you need. Made from durable material, this tunnel will be able to survive all the wear and tear from an excited dog’s first training days. The tunnel is super easy to fold and store away until your next training session. The size is very small when folded, making it very portable and convenient for travel. 

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PawHut Pet Agility Training Equipment

This is a great agility set for beginners who are just starting out with agility training. This equipment set includes poles, hurdles, tunnels, and a lunch box. The long sturdy spikes are perfect for securing into the ground, and the height of the high jump pole is adjustable, making this the perfect agility set for newbies. With easy assembling and disassembling, you can store this away when you’re done training if you have issues with space. At only £39.99, this is also a very affordable set for the Agility enthusiast, just looking to have some fun.

PawHut Pet Agility Training...
  • With long sturdy spikes to secure into ground
  • Adjustable height of high jump
  • Promotes your dogӳ health and well-being

Dog agility Starter Set

If you are looking for some more obstacles in your agility set without breaking the bank, then check this agility set out. At £79.95, this set includes a tunnel, carry case, guiding ropes, 2 obstacles, and a break box, among other things, which is still a great agility set for beginners who want to challenge their dogs a bit more. The height of the poles is adjustable, and the vibrant colors of this set make it a great addition to your backyard. 

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Agility Hurdle Jump Set 

If you are past the beginner stage and are seriously considering entering your dog for an Agility competition, check out this Agility Hurdle Jump Set. At £149.90, this set includes two hurdle jump sets that conform completely to UK Kennel Club measurements making it the perfect set for professional training. With an adjustable height that allows training for all competition heights, it is still very easy to assemble and pack away whenever needed. 

Callieway® 2x Agility Hurdle Jump...
  • Conforms fully to UK Kennel club measurements - great for training (top bar height from 5cm to 60cm)
  • Quickly and convenient to assemble and pack away (comes with carrying bag)
  • Height easily adjustable (heights printed on the vertical poles) - all competition heights possible

Pawsie Agility Slalom Bars Set

If you’re looking to up your dog’s agility training game, check out this hurdles stick set that will not only push your dog further but also bring variation to your training sessions. This Agility Slalom set consists of 12 bars and a carrying back so that your training sessions are never interrupted.

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