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Today we are talking about the qualities of a Patterdale Terrier Whippet cross. A cross between these two dogs will give you a high energy and friendly dog who is a fast runner. I’ve owned one of each of these breeds during my lifetime, but never a Patterdale cross Whippet! Let’s take each breed in turn first of all and look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Patterdale Terrier

The Patterdale Terrier is a great family friendly dog that is perfect for the household. They are well known for their energetic spirits and need for attention, so they can bring a great sense of joy and happiness to you and your family. It is very rare to find any issues regrading young children and other dogs with the Patterdale Terrier as they are known to be harmless and friendly to all.

Typically, they come in back, but can sometimes come in grey and they tend to have a shorter than average coat, meaning you won’t have hair lying all over the house! You might like to read this article on do Patterdale terriers shed?

When they first came about, they generally acted as farm dogs that helped keep pests away from crops or livestock however, they have now adapted into a family dog that are increasing in popularity by the year. They do require a lot of exercise, so you should only consider getting one of these if you are confident that you can supply them with at least two walks a day. 


  • Loving and affectionate creatures
  • Won’t need much grooming due to the short and tidy hair
  • Exciting and fun to be around


  • Are known to suffer from separation anxiety which makes them quite needy
  • Not the best for first time owners
  • Need a lot of exercise so a no go if you don’t have the time or effort


Originally, Whippets were used as hunting dogs to catch small rodents or rabbits, but now have evolved into an energetic breed that is great for families. They may be small, but they are packed full of energy and agility, meaning that they require a lot of exercise and activity in order to burn off the high energy they carry around with them. You won’t find many people scared of a Whippet as they are one of the friendliest dogs around. In addition, they rarely bark, so you won’t find yourself dealing with headaches, which is quite rare to find when it comes to smaller excitable dogs.

Unlike the Patterdale Terrier, Whippets are a great breed for first time owners because they are almost stress free and don’t take a whole lot of work to adapt to your lifestyle. On the other hand, they aren’t the best dog to leave alone for hours on end, so aim to avoid doing this as much as possible. In essence, if you are living in a tight apartment, then a Whippet may be the perfect companion for you because they are known to adapt well to them and will always provide you with sufficient love and affection. 


  • Always provide love and affection
  • Packed full of energy and excitement 
  • Adapt well to homes and even small apartments


  • Struggle to deal with cold weather
  • Require a lot of exercise so walking frequently is needed
  • Can’t tolerate being alone for too long

Owning a Patterdale Terrier Whippet Cross

The size of your Patterdale terrier cross whippet could be in between that of a Patterdale and a whippet and they make a good sized lapdog.

Ultimately, you won’t find too many dogs that deliver as much love and affection as these, so you can almost guarantee this if you decide to get one. In addition, they are always going to be full of energy, so if you have an active household or just love walking in general, then this is the ideal dog for you. They are also good for Canicross, the new sport when you run with your dog on a bungee!

However, make sure you can provide enough time and attention to your Patterdale Terrier Whippet Cross as they thrive upon human attention as it is one of their biggest necessities in life. This is a breed that will want to site by you or on your lap and get affection, rather than sit alone in his or her bed!

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