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If you are looking at inviting a furry little friend into your home, then perhaps the Schnauzer Patterdale Cross will be the right choice for you. This article will outline the identifying features of a Schnauzer Patterdale Cross and will help you in your search for your new furry member of the family.


A Schnauzer is a German breed that originates from the 14th century. You can also get a Miniature Schnauzer and a Giant Schnauzer. It was initially called a Wire-Haired Pinscher, but in 1879 it began to be called a Schnauzer which translates in German to ‘snout’ and ‘whiskered snout’, highlighting the breed’s distinctive feature of its beard and moustache. It is generally thought of as a working breed due to the origins of working as hunting and herding dogs. As a working dog, they are the smallest of the working breeds.

The Schnauzer’s appearance is iconic, being recognised for their long beard, moustache, and eyebrows. They don’t vary much in colour, being either salt and pepper or black in colour. However, salt and pepper is by far the most common colour of Schnauzer and also its most iconic look. They have a wiry coat that rarely sheds, although they are not hypo-allergenic and require to be brushed, groomed, and bathed in order to remain healthy.

The personality traits of a Schnauzer are what attracts people to them, along with their fancy moustaches of course. They are highly intelligent animals that are high-spirited and loyal. They can be easily trained due to their intelligence, but they are also extremely brave and devoted, making them a great companion and pet. They do however require a lot of exercise as they are energetic dogs that require more than 30 minutes of exercise a day. So you have to be prepared to exercise them and keep them from being bored on a daily basis. They are also patient and caring animals, and are especially good for families, once being known in Germany to babysit children. They are a massively family orientated dog who do best to live with a family in close quarters rather than outside in a kennel.

Patterdale Terrier

The Patterdale Terrier is a breed that descends from the terriers of the 18th century. Despite being a terrier, a breed known for being ‘yappy’, Patterdales are significantly less ‘yappy’ than other terriers.

They have short legs and quite a strong looking snout with triangular ears that hang down. Their tails tend to be docked, meaning that they are cut in order to avoid injury when the dog is hunting. The dog’s coat tends to be black with sometimes white markings on the chest and feet. However, it is not uncommon to see Patterdale Terriers in a range of other colours such as chocolate, and bronze. The fur is either smooth or rough. 

The personality traits of a Patterdale Terrier include being bold and confident. They are more of a working dog which is not uncommon among terriers, known for their ability to search for prey with their energetic nature and determination. They are extremely high energy animals that can be difficult to socialise with other dogs for this reason. They were originally bred to be energetic and to pursue prey, however because of this it makes them rather too energetic for an ordinary household. This makes the breed particularly popular amongst farming households. They are often used to guard sheep and other livestock from foxes and other animals. Making them good hunters as well. However, due to this instinct, it does add to their difficulty in socialising as anything smaller than them they often see as prey. They can be known for being aggressive and stubborn, so when owning one, it is important to show them early on who is boss and to socialise them. 

Patterdale Terrier Schnauzer Cross

When you mix the Patterdale Terrier and a Miniature Schnauzer, you get a dog that stands between 25 and 40cm in height. The coat of the dog varies in texture, from smooth to rough, but they are all double and weatherproof. The colour of Patterdale Terriers varies including; black, red, liver, bronze, tan, brown, and sometimes even brindle. They have floppy ears, and a high-held tail. 

Patterdales are known for health conditions and therefore crossing a Patterdale Terrier with a Schnauzer may help to lessen the risk of these health conditions. 

The personality of a Patterdale Terrier is bold, confident, and active. They are energetic dogs that require an active family. They are also incredibly intelligent dogs, so in order to keep them fulfilled mentally and physically, it is a good idea to train your dog. Socialising them with other dogs at an early age is also a good idea. 

This breed might be good for you if you are an active family who are looking for an energetic furry friend to keep you company. 

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