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Having a dog is a great responsibility and it can be fun but challenging at times. They become part of your family! You may be considering getting another dog or keeping two dogs from the same litter. If this is the case, then this blog post will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of owning more than one dog. 

Having more than one dog is a different experience than having just one dog. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning a couple or multiple dogs.


Having more than one dog allows you to have a bigger family. 

Dogs are social animals so love the extra company. You do not want your dog getting lonely, and having another dog means they can play together and sleep together. They will probably become best friends! They will not have to sit and wait by the door for someone to come home when they have a friend or two to goof around with. This could stop your dog from developing Velcro dog syndrome!

  • Two Dogs is not that much more trouble and if you can afford it why not.
  • If you have one dog that is trained already, the training of the second one is much easier.
  • Walking two dogs is more fun. They can run around together and get tired out quicker.
  • You will have more doggie amusement in the household.

 Although there are advantages, there are also disadvantages:


Having more than one dog can be a lot of work. It means you must make sure both are healthy and fit.

Dogs may become jealous of each other if you give one more attention than another. 

They can learn bad habits from each other. Dogs learn through observations they will watch what their brother or sister is doing and copy the same tricks. For example; chewing furniture or other destructive behaviours.

If the other dog also wants to be alpha, you can have a huge problem! This can happen with two sisters. They could fight with each other to assert their dominance. One of the dogs will have to end up being the omega and submissive.

Even if your two dogs behave well, you still must consider it is two times the responsibility. This also means x2 the cost! These costs include veterinary bills, food, medications, and personal care items like leashes and shampoos. This can easily rack up an expensive bill, so be sure you can afford this!

With two or more dogs in the household, there is a chance that they may not get along well together. It is possible that your dog will not welcome another dog in the house because they do not like their space being invaded. Time and patience can help resolve this issue. 

End of the day, it is your decision but, many people have 2 dogs and love it. You should weigh up the pros and cons before considering to purchase another dog and make sure it is the right decision for you.

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