Dog Wheelchair

Dog Wheelchair

As hard as it is to face the truth, some dogs will eventually need a little help getting around. Caring for a dog that is in constant pain, a dog that is missing a limb or one that is completely paralyzed, no matter the condition that lead them to become fully dependent on their carer … Read more

Diabetic Dog Food

diabetic dog food

Just like with humans, our furry friends can develop canine diabetes. This is caused by the body’s inability to produce a hormone called Insulin, which controls the levels of sugar absorbed into the blood after eating. Dogs need this sugar as it provides cells around the body with energy so they can function normally. Most … Read more

Histiocytoma In Dogs

histiocytoma in dogs

Finding a lump or bump on your dog’s body can be worrying and all sorts of things can fly through your mind. Is it cancerous? How long has that been there? Is my dog in pain? Thankfully, most Histiocytomas are harmless, and your dog will recover without any side effects. Today’s blog is all about … Read more