Agility Training for Dogs

Agility training for dogs

Dog agility can be a fun activity to do with your dog and can be a great beginning to training for sports while keeping your dog healthy and active. Agility training provides a way for dogs to exercise their bodies and minds and bond with their owners. If your dog is still a puppy and … Read more

Indoor Games for Dogs

Indoor Games for Dogs

Lockdown has been continuing longer than anticipated here in the UK! But worry not, there are plenty of indoor games for dogs that will keep you and your pooch entertained. Here are some of my favourites… Dog Puzzles and Games can play a variety of different indoor games with their dogs.  Some of these indoor … Read more

Patterdale Terrier Aggression

Patterdale Terrier Aggression

Patterdale terrier Aggression is a very difficult thing to deal with as a dog owner. They are not naturally aggressive to their owners, but need socialisation and training to avoid aggression to other people and dogs. There are three main reasons why I have seen aggression in some Patterdale terriers. The first reactivity is due … Read more

Puppy Training Tips

Using a Marker Word for Dog Training

Having a new puppy can be overwhelming especially if you are a first time dog owner. There’s so much that you need your little one to learn including how go to the loo outside, how to walk to heel and how to stop biting! Here are our top Puppy training Tips… 1. Going to the … Read more

Positive Dog Training for Terriers

Positive Dog Training

There are many different dog training techniques out there, some which even involve harsh tactics such as prong collars and electric collars. We are not a fan of harsh methods and we like to use positive dog training with rewards for good behaviour. Harsh methods can instill fear and break the bond that you have … Read more

Will my Patterdale ever go off Lead?

Dog off Lead

Quite a few people have been asking questions about recall for their Patterdale terrier. How do I train him/her to come back when called? How do I know when I can let my dog off lead?Will my Patterdale terrier ever go off lead? Introducing our Rescue Patterdale Terrier Blake Let me be honest about our … Read more

Puppy Agility Training

Puppy Agility Training

Puppy agility training is great way to build up your pups confidence and also to develop the bond with your pup. Starting early when they are eager to learn is definitely a bonus. By spending quality time with your puppy whilst training and having fun, it will strengthen your bond and limit unwanted behaviours that … Read more