Will my Patterdale ever go off Lead?

Dog off Lead

Quite a few people have been asking questions about recall for their Patterdale terrier. How do I train him/her to come back when called? How do I know when I can let my dog off lead?Will my Patterdale terrier ever go off lead? Introducing our Rescue Patterdale Terrier Blake Let me be honest about our … Read more

Puppy Agility Training

Puppy Agility Training

Puppy agility training is great way to build up your pups confidence and also to develop the bond with your pup. Starting early when they are eager to learn is definitely a bonus. By spending quality time with your puppy whilst training and having fun, it will strengthen your bond and limit unwanted behaviours that … Read more

Whistle Training Dogs

whistle training dogs

Having a dog that follows instructions makes life 100 times easier and this can be done through the means of a whistle. We understand that some dogs are harder to train than others however, whistle training can actually be used on any dog in order to improve responsiveness. A whistle is far easier than constantly … Read more

Post Lockdown Dog Training

post lockdown dog training

It’s been a tough 4 months! Back in March I returned from my holiday early at the start of a global pandemic. Coronavirus was certainly a shock to many and grounded travellers worldwide. It kept many of us stuck in our homes under what felt like house arrest! Since March, we have been on lockdown … Read more

10 Cool Dog Tricks To Teach Your Patterdale

cool dog tricks

Dogs are naturally inquisitive, and Patterdale Terriers are one of the most intelligent breeds. They pick things up very quickly and seem to have no problems forming association. Teaching new tricks to your dog is not only good fun, but it is also great mental stimulation. Remember to keep training sessions short. Puppies learn best … Read more

Patterdale Terrier Behaviour Problems

patterdale terrier behaviour problems

Patterdale terriers are such a fun breed of dog to own. They are high energy, intelligent and loyal to their owners. However, due to their characteristics there are some common Patterdale terrier behaviour problems. What are they? And as a Patterdale owner, how can these be resolved? Patterdale terrier Behaviour Problems Prey Drive – Chasing … Read more

Weave Poles for Dog Agility

weave poles

Weave poles are an excellent item to add to your dog agility set. They keep your dog fit and focused. Here’s Pip the patterdale terrier doing the weaving poles… Agility Guidelines for Weave Poles If you want to train your dog for proper agility, there are certain guidelines that you will need to follow for … Read more

Patterdale Terrier Training

Patterdale terrier training

Lets not beat around the bush – Patterdale terrier training is tough! They are a feisty breed with a strong chase instinct and highly scent driven. Patterdale terrier training should not be taken lightly – it takes a lot of patience and trust building. Of course the earlier that you can start training your patterdale … Read more

Long Line Dog Training for Recall

long line dog training

Dogs are playful and curious creatures. It’s why we love them. But this can create difficulties as owners. Untrained dogs are likely to run off, get lost, or become injured. Therefore, it’s essential to train your dog to come back on your command. That way, you can sit back and watch them roam and explore, … Read more