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Lockdown has been continuing longer than anticipated here in the UK! But worry not, there are plenty of indoor games for dogs that will keep you and your pooch entertained. Here are some of my favourites…

Dog Puzzles and Games

can play a variety of different indoor games with their dogs.  Some of these indoor games for dogs are puzzle toys and treat dispensing toys, which include Kong dog toys and Buster Cube dog toys, among other dog dispensing toys.  These are some of the most popular dog puzzles and treats that many pet owners give to their pets.

Snuffle Games

Besides puzzle toys and treat dispensing toys, dog owners can also play some simple indoor games with their dogs.  One of the most popular indoor games for dogs is the ‘snuffle’ game.  To play the ‘snuffle’ game with their dogs, dog owners need to take an old sock and pour some food inside it.  Kibble or healthy dog treats work really well for this.  Simply hide it or place it on top of any small object that the dogs can easily find and then let them into the room to ‘find it!’.  Usually, dogs will sniff out the food and get it much faster than dog owners can expect. Other ways to do snuffle games include the use of empty cereal boxes and even hiding under blankets.

If your dog loves the snuffle game you want to make this a regular thing and buy a proper snuffle mat for dogs.

Indoor Fetch

Another indoor game that dog owners can enjoy with their pet dogs is playing fetch.  There are many types of fetching toys that dog owners can find in online pet stores. Some of these fetch toys include hispter balls, plastic rings, and many other types of balls to fetch.  This is one of the most active indoor games that dog owners can play with their pets because playing fetch will require the dogs to move about and run around in the house or outside the home.  Dog owners can play fetch for anywhere from 30 seconds to an hour if they want to.  Playing this game will burn the dog’s energy up fast before it quickly comes down.

Rough and Tumble and Tug-o-War

Some dogs, especially terriers enjoy a bit of rough and tumble play. They like have something to mouth and bite and so tug-o-war is a great game for terriers. They also sometimes like to mouth their owners in a play fighting manner. Remember they like rough-housing, but be gentle and have boundaries. It’s a good idea

Singing with your Dog!

Dog owners should also consider singing a song or another piece of music while playing with their dogs.  This is yet another indoor game for dogs that are very entertaining since dogs love music.  Dog owners should buy some instruments such as guitars, pianos or other musical instruments to play with their dogs. If there are multiple people in the home, they should all sing at once so that they would create wonderful melodies together with their pet dogs. Dogs are very sensitive to music and they would love to be entertained by it.

Remember to always monitor your Dog when Playing

Dog owners should learn how to play some other indoor games with their pets as well if they want something more creative than what is mentioned above. However, dog owners should always remember to keep an eye on their pet dogs at all times. They must never leave their pet alone while playing a game, or else they could inadvertently hurt the dog if they get too excited.

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