Dog Barn St Helens

The Dog Barn St Helens is a great place to take your dog for training, socialisation and shopping for his favourite things! They offer special services and dog friendly events including:

  • Training and agility
  • Grooming
  • Exercise area
  • Dog Shop
  • Events that they run e.g. canine swimming, pack walks

I’ll tell you all about their events and services in todays blog. Many events over the last 12 months had to be cancelled due to Covid – we are now looking forward to those events coming back.

Our Fun Dog Show Day with K9 Aqua Sports Dog Swim

We first went to the dog barn for a ‘fun dog show’ and we had a really amazing day. Blake got to learn how to swim in supervised and safe conditions with K9 Aqua Sports. I think we paid just £7 for his dog swim. It’s all enclosed and safe – there are also life jackets for dogs. Your dog is taken out by a specialist handler into the water and then he has to swim back to you at the side. The dog swimming handlers then can tell you how well your dog did at swimming and if there are any problems with the legs or joints. Blake did really well with his swimming, he didn’t seem to love it, but he was a good swimmer and didn’t mind too much!

There was also the chance for Blake to do some agility there, but he was so focused on what was going on all around him (so many other dogs!) that he did not do as well on the agility as usual! So after that we walked around looking at the stalls, taking part in raffles and watching the fun dog shows! It was a fantastic day out.

Training and Agility

You can book the training and agility courses for your dog or a small group of dogs. Their courses have jumps, seesaws and tunnels. The agility area is enclosed so you don’t have to worry about your dog escaping, although the dog barn recommends that you always keep a close eye on your dog just incase. Agility training for dogs is great for physical and mental stimulation. Take your dogs tastiest treats to encourage him if agility is something that he has never done before.

Exercise Area

There is also an exercise area that you can book for your dog to have some freedom off lead – great for people without gardens. You can also book to go in with other dogs if doggy socialisation is what you are looking for. Again it’s completely secure and enclosed so your dog can run free without you having to worry. There are things in the doggy exercise area for them to investigate like old tyres and small wooden agility jumps. At the Dog Barn St Helens, they know how to make it really exciting for your pooch!


They offer a grooming service at the Dog Barn so you can have a pampered pooch! You can get them just a bath, hand stripping or a full groom. Prices start from £15 per dog. You can also get them a nail trim for just £5.

Dog Shop

The Dog shop at the Dog Barn has everything that you will need for your pup from leads to food. You can also weigh your dog there as they have a dog friendly scale. Blake absolutely loved their home made treats – especially the liver cake for dogs!

Dog Events

The Dog Events held at the dog barn are just so much fun. Book in advance to avoid disappointment as many of their events are ticketed or have a limited number of places. The Dog Barn runs events including:

  • Packs Walks
  • K9 Aqua Dog Swimming
  • Agility Training sessions
  • Fun Dog Shows
  • Dog Markets and Fund Raiser events for dog charities
  • Doggy Playtime

You can visit the Dog Barn St Helens website and also follow them on Facebook.

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