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The name gives it away, but a dog grooming table is simply a table where you can cut and style your dog’s coat and clip nails. A dog grooming table makes this easier by having a table that is at a convenient height to groom your dog. Dog grooming tables typically have an ‘arm’ from which one or more nooses dangle which helps secure the dog comfortably in place.

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Features of the general dog grooming table:

There are many dog grooming tables to choose from but here are some common features a dog grooming table will have.

  • Non-slip and easy to clean rubber mat to keep the dog in place
  • Adjustable arm to accommodate dogs of different heights
  • Accessory tray beneath grooming surface to store combs and other tools
  • Adjustable legs to allow grooming table to be set at different heights because dogs come in all shape and sizes.

How Expensive are They?

The more features a dog table has the more expensive you can expect it to be. If dog grooming is your profession then you may want to invest in a top of the range grooming table. You want to invest in a decent quality one because a bad quality one may collapse! 

Pros of having a Dog Grooming table

Dog grooming tables make dog grooming much easier and more comfortable for both the owner and the dog. It also is at a convenient height so you can do all the grooming at an easy safe height. You can also get portable dog grooming tables to bring with you if you have to a home grooming job to do.

Best Amazon Dog Grooming Tables

Here are a few to check out!

AllRight Adjustale Dog Grooming Folding Pet Table Portable with Arm Noose

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This non-slip & waterproof dog Grooming table is made from High quality static-Free MDF board with skid resistance rubber. Hair and debris can be wiped down easily and it’s really easy to keep clean.

Grandma Shark Foldable Pet Grooming Table (32″)

This adjustable and foldable 32 inch Pet Grooming table has an adjustable fixed arm and mesh storage basket. It can withstand a weight of 100kg.

BTM Adjustable Portable Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Table

This adjustable stainless steel dog grooming table with an Arm Noose and Accessory Tray is foldable and comes in three different sizes – small, medium and large.

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How to Deal with dogs on the dog grooming table?

Introduce them to the table. Make them feel safe and comfortable so it makes your job easier. You can entice dogs to go on the table with some treats. Also, use a step ladder to help the dog up to avoid lifting which could cause you an injury.

When you start to groom the dog start to groom slowly so they get used to the combs, shaver, and being height up. Some dogs do find being high up scary and it makes them uneasy. 

Dogs are adaptable and once they are used to grooming after their first time and they see there is nothing to be afraid of they will be fine. Some dogs that are not used to it may be a bit scared of things like hair dryers!

Always select a stable and sturdy table of the right height. You can find them on the list above that I have linked. These are the top amazon dog grooming tables with the best reviews! 

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