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The Dog Tornado is a Nina Ottosson dog puzzle that is designed to challenge your dog and stimulate him or her both mentally and physically. You put treats inside these dog puzzles and they sniff them out and have to access them! We love using these with our patterdale terrier Blake.

Introducing the Dog Tornado

The dog tornado is a durable plastic dog toy that your dog will need to spin round to reveal treats! Blake loved it straight away and got right into it as you can see….

  • Dog Puzzle made from Durable plastic
  • Put the treats inside and then cover and twist
  • Your dog has to find the treats by twisting and lifting parts

With Blake, we tried it with different kinds of treats. He did well on all of them, but the BACON was an absolute hit! The thing was that we put the bacon in the bottom compartment and other treats in the middle and top – thinking that the rewards would get better and better as he went through the tornado. But we found that when the bacon was in the bottom layer he COULDN’T WAIT to get to that and so he just went for the third layer straight away. This doesn’t work as easily – it’s better if they complete it layer by layer to twist and reveal each segment!

When we filled it all with bacon and chicken and added the three white bones to add difficulty to the puzzle, the fun really began!

Level 2 Difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty in the Nina Ottoson range. The dog tornado is level 2 in difficulty. Level 2 dog puzzles usually have two steps such as spin and lift or push and lift. The dog tornado can be used as a basic puzzle where the dog has to do the twisting with his paw or nose. You can try the dog tornado on it’s own first. Then add the 3 white ‘bone’ pegs into the puzzle to increase the difficulty – now your dog has to spin AND lift!

dog tornado

Benefits of the Dog Tornado

  • Hardwaring and non-toxic plastic
  • Good design by Nina Ottosson – leading dog puzzle designer from Sweden
  • Keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated
  • Makes your dog work for his food, satisfying the hunting or working dog instinct
  • Three layers to work the paws, nose and brain!
  • 3 X additional bone shaped pegs to cover the treats increasingly the level of difficuty

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