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Norfolk is famous for the beautiful countryside and the Norfolk Broads – it’s full of picturesque villages and waterways. Here are some of our favourite dog walks in Norfolk including Holt Country Park, Holkham Beach and Salhouse Broad.

Holt Country Park

Holt Country Park is open all year round. It is a peaceful woodland walk and it is about 1 mile from Holt- which is on the edge of the Norfolk coasts. There are various types of wildlife to spot and Holt is known for its butterflies. It is very common to spot one on this walk, but they do not stay around for long. There are various woodland walks you can take, all of which are not too challenging. This walk is best suited for older dogs since the walk is not too tiring. I would suggest taking different routes each time you visit just to see the different angles of the park and its beauty.

Holkham Beach

Holkham is a sandy beach and is perfect for your dog to run around. There are a few routes to take but the most popular is the route that takes you to Wells next to the sea lifeboat station (which takes around 2 hours to complete). This walk is more for an energic dog based on the fact it is a rather long walk. The views are definitely worth the walk and your dog will especially like walking along on the sandy beachfront. 

Whitlingham Country Park 

This is in the south west of Norwich and is near the village of Trowse. There are plenty of walks to explore and open parkland for your dog to have a wonder. Dogs can roam free as they wish. The park offers a great deal and you will see canoes and other water sport activities taking place on the water. The park is open all year round but there is a small fee for parking. There is also a café to stop and have a snack after your walk. 

Salhouse Broad

Salhouse Broad is a peaceful and beautiful place to take your dog on a walk. The walk is quite flat, so you do not have to worry about any hills.

There are 40 acres of the Broad to discover and the walk offers some amazing views. The walk to Salhouse Broad takes 10 minutes but if you want to venture out and explore the acres then you can take the longer broadwalk that skims the edge off the Broad. There is also a natural beach area for your dog to have a paddle. The walk is rather long so it will tire out an energetic dog. In addition, there is a stunning bluebell forest where you will be able to take some photos. 

Old Hunstanton Beach

This beach is on the Norfolk coast and offers a great sunset view. Old Hunstanton is a little village and it has a lot of character and history behind it. The beach itself has golden sands for your dog to enjoy and explore. There are also small sand dunes which are pretty cool. In addition, there is a lighthouse that you can see if you wish to walk that far. Near the lighthouse, there are the passing remands of St Edmunds Chapel. Overall, there is a lot to see on this walk, it just depends how long you want to walk for.

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