Furbo Dog Camera

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As times evolve we do too, and as the world becomes a little bit more advanced in terms of technology, we make way for items like the Furbo Dog Camera and welcome them into our lives to have an engaging experience with our pet even from afar! This coveted item has been featured in many popular places through the internet and even made its appearance on the talk show that Ellen Degeneres hosts! The novelty of this little treat thrower is undeniable as we connect ourselves to our dogs and interact with them wherever we are.

Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo App

With the Furbo App, you may enter the interface of your Furbo treat dispenser and throw a treat to your dog whenever you feel like it! You can also listen to all the noises your pup is making from the other side and even talk to it yourself! The HD 1080p camera installed in the device allows you to see what your terrier is up to even when you’re miles away. That way, even when you’re at work or just running some errands, you can keep your pet in check and entertain them a little bit if you can see them getting bored!

Setting up the Furbo Dog Camera

As complicated as you may think this device is, the truth is, it couldn’t be simpler to set it up. Bring it home, take it out of the box. Plug it straight into the outlet and download the official Furbo App from the AppStore on your phone. The interface is compatible with all kinds of android devices and iOS. Once downloaded, connect to your home wifi and sync up the device for endless hours of remote interaction! Day or night, rain or sun, you will be able to stay connected to your dog through this wonderful piece of tech. The Furbo Dog Camera also has a night vision feature that provides sight of your pet even in dark environments to ensure your pup won’t get out of sight!

Combine with your Dogs Favourite Treats!

Oh, and don’t forget to fill up your Furbo with your dog’s favourite treats. Connect remotely and call out your dogs name to lure them into the device and surprise them with a little treat so that they feel less alone when they’re home bored without you! Talk to them and help them calm down and feel less uneasy for being away from you for so long and listen to them playfully bark back with joy as they hear their beloved’s owner’s voice!

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Helps with Separation Anxiety

In this day and age, we don’t know who is the real sufferer of separation anxiety, if owner or dog are the most impacted when away from each other. But, if there is something that we do know, is that the connection between master and pup will always be incomparable. Monitoring your dog’s behaviour with bark alarms, visual check ups, audio exchanges and even a tasty treat from time to time is one of the best ways to cope through the day and bring your mind some peace knowing that your pup is home alive and well while you’re away doing whatever adult humans need to do when they’re away from their pups!

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