Kong Tennis Ball

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We love Kong products because they are tough and durable.  Playing ball with your dog as part of the play routine is a fun way for them to exercise and burn off some energy.  Like all Kong products, these balls are designed with dogs in mind.  They look like a tennis ball to us, but they are no ordinary tennis ball.  A Kong tennis ball is made with special non-abrasive felt that does not harm your dog’s teeth or mouth.  Plus, they also have a squeaker.  Yes! 

KONG - Toy Premium Squeak Tennis...
KONG - Toy Premium Squeak Tennis...
KONG - Toy Premium Squeak Tennis...
KONG - Toy Premium Squeak Tennis...

Buy a Kong Tennis Ball

A Kong tennis ball with a squeaker, soon to be your dog’s favourite tennis ball if you buy a pack:

KONG - Toy Premium Squeak Tennis...
  • Fetch toy for healthy, active play
  • Non-abrasive KONG Tennis material, softer on teeth
  • Squeaker entices play

For even better value for money by 12 at a time: 

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Why Kong Squeakair Balls

The Kong Tennis Balls compliment the other balls and fetch toys in the Kong range very well.  They bounce just like a regular tennis ball does with the added bonus of the squeaker, which encourages play.  The squeaker addition is something especially useful for rescue dogs that were not socialised as puppies or for your new puppy.

One of the great things about Kong products is that they are designed to match the size of the dog, no more terriers trying to keep hold of balls designed for or best suited to larger breeds.  Just like the Squeeze Ball https://patterdaleterriers.co.uk/kong-squeeze-ball/  These come in sizes to suit all dogs. 

The Kong Squeakair balls float in water, making them ideal for retrieval games in and around water.  They are a valuable aid for encouraging terriers to swim.  Unlike some breeds, most terriers don’t take naturally to water, but it’s a good idea to make sure they are confident around water and confident swimmers.  Games with these balls on a calm beach day or shallow river are a great starting point for teaching them that water is fun!  Then you can gradually build it up until they have to swim to reach their toy.

A Word of Warning & Tip

Like all balls and many toys, don’t leave your dog unattended with these balls.  They could choke or manage to pull the ball apart and incur injury.  Whilst Kong toys are tough, these balls are designed for interactive play and are not indestructible. Check them for wear and damage when you get them out to play with, and discard any that are showing signs of damage.

Kong Tennis Ball – Our Verdict

We love these tennis balls. They are super fun for dogs; the fact that they come in different sizes is perfect for those of us with terriers who love playing fetch. Does your dog have a Kong tennis ball?

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