Working Terrier Guide

Working Terrier Characteristics

Today we’re taking a look at the life of a working terrier. We will be considering the best breeds of working terrier and the characteristics that you should look out for. My last Jack Russell, Milo wasn’t a ‘working dog’ as such, but he certainly kept our yard (and the neighbours yard) free from vermin! … Read more

Jagd Terrier

Jagd Terrier

The Jagd Terrier (German: “hunting terrier”) is a dog type developed from the German Pinscher and Deutscher Spitz, used as all-purpose hunting dogs once they were turned loose in large game coverts for hunting foxes or other quarry. They also served to drive game towards waiting hunters, as beagles do with rabbits. They were also … Read more

Introducing Scruffy Little Terrier!

Scruffy little terriers

Today I’m reviewing a fabulous online shop with products specifically designed for terriers. If you love terriers as much as I do, then check out, a lifestyle brand for terrier lovers. I recently met Michelle, the owner and founder of Scruffy Little Terrier in a dog lovers Facebook group and I’m really excited to … Read more

What is a Fell Terrier?

Fell Terriers

Patterdale terriers are often referred to as fell terriers. Maybe people mistake the term ‘fell terrier’ for a breed, which it’s not. The term fell terrier really refers to a specific group of dog breeds that come from Great Britain that are long legged working terriers. This could include the patterdale terrier, Lakeland terrier and … Read more