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A recent trend in dog breeds is dual mixes – the labradoodle, the cockapoo and now introducing the `Patterjack’ – a crazy blend of Patterdale terrier and Jack Russell. In appearance, this dog looks like a Jack Russell that is all one colour with longer legs. A Patterjack is a loyal companion, excellent family pet and a bundle of fun.

A Patterjack will be a tough and sturdy terrier, with an instinct to please. He will be hard as nails but have a soft side too. This terrier blend has minimal health problems and is a low cost breed. Grooming often is not necessary especially if he has a smooth coat.

Patterjacks may vary in temperament and appearance, but this breed is usually a sturdy small dog breed, they are one of the perfect family dog breeds because they are lovable, cheerful, active, and full of energy.  Jackerdale parents are full of energy, so as dog owners, you don’t need to be surprised about Patterjack energy level.  This breed will need lots of regular exercises, mental stimulation, and regular exercise to prevent bad habits.

Who would be ideal Patterjack Owners?

Dog owners with a garden or beautiful backyard are a big plus. We now know that Jack Russell Patterdale Cross dogs have an active lifestyle and got a lot of energy to burn, after a long day staying indoor; you can take them to the garden in the evening, to burn up some energy.

Before we can understand every possibility of this breed, we should take a look at the Patterjack’s parents. Let’s take a look at the Patterdale and Jack Russell in turn.

Jack Russell Terrier

This breed was first bred in England to hunt foxes; Jack Russell Terrier has been around for over 200 years. This breed is also called “Parson’s Russell Terrier”, they are intelligent, affectionate, independent, charming and lively. Dog owners find it easy to train Jack Russells since they are very intelligent.

This breed has three different coats: rough, smooth, and broken (longer straight, coarse hair). The Jack Russell Terrier is not hypoallergenic because their coats tend to shed.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell terriers are not for everyone, because of their hunting traits. They see smaller animals as prey; they hunt Rats, rabbits, hamsters and cats. So having a cat as a pet may not be a good idea. You can only do that when you bring this breed in as a puppy.

They range in height from 10 to 15 inches at the shoulder and weigh 13 to 17 pounds.

A Jack Russells height will range from 10 to 12 inches and the ones that are longer is called Shorty Jacks. Shorty Jacks may look the Dachshunds or Corgis.

This breed is not prone to different health condition and disease; Jack Russells are generally healthy.

Here are some health problems that some Jack Russells may face…

  • Glaucoma
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
  • Lens Luxation
  • Deafness
  • Patellar Luxation

Jack Russells require lots of positive interactions with neighbouring dogs, early socialization, and proper training is essential to prevent bad behaviours.

Patterdale Terrier

This breed is also referred to as the Fell Terrier, although the term ‘Fell Terrier’ refers to a regional type of dog rather than a breed. ; they have originated long ago in the Lake District.  The Patterdale terrier is also known for his hunting abilities; their keen senses and small size makes them more attractive. Patterdales can be used as a family or companion dog. This breed fame has taken an upturn in the United Kingdom over recent years because of this terrier being so friendly and loyal in nature.

Patterdale terrier rescue

The Patterdale’s head is very strong, and powerful; it’s also well-proportioned to their body. Heads are wedge-shaped or trapezoidal in a front view.  These terrier muzzles are quite broad and strong compared to some medium dog breeds.

This breed height and weight range from 11- 13 inches and 11 – 13 pounds respectively. This small terrier is a working dog which requires a lot of exercise.

Mix these two excitable and trainable hunting terriers together and you’ve got yourself a Patterjack!

Patterjack Temperament

Patterjack is very smart and intelligent, but they can develop bad behaviours if they are not properly trained. We all know that dogs love to be in packs, so you have to make yourself the alpha of the pack, with that you will be able to control some of their behavioural problems.

Jack Russell Patterdale Cross temperament cannot be predicted in the sense that some Patterjack may look more like Jack Russell while the other may look more like the Patterdale Terrier. Regardless of their appearance, they are all cheerful and loving. This breed is always curious, stubborn and aggressive, that’s why they need to undergo proper obedient training.

Patterjacks is not for everyone but an experienced dog owner. Their inherent hunt instinct is very strong, so they often chase after small, fast-moving animals like the squirrel, rabbit, hamster and also cats. This terrier is very confident, so as dog owners, you need to take them for a walk.

Exercising Your Patterjack

Patterjacks require lots of exercise. This terrier breed needs to go for a long walk a least twice a day. It can be quite challenging for busy dog owners. If you are very busy, all you have to do in the evening is some dog training that involves some agility work or set tasks; this will make them active.  Buying dog toys is necessary because it keeps your dog busy whenever you are not around.

Patterjack Loki playing with his ball

Ideal Dog toys for Patterjack

All Patterdale are all playful, whether young or old. They love to keep themselves busy with toys when they are relaxed in their crate. They do love to bite and chew their toys.

The best dog toys for your Jack Russell Patterdale Cross should be durable toys. Durable toys can’t be easily torn. Purchasing toys that are not durable may be harmful to your pet’s gums, and they might get fixed on their teeth, and it might result in choking.

Some dog toys are meant to keep your canine healthy, and it also helps them for teething. Here are some Ideal Dog toys for your Patterjack.

  • Plush Toys: This set of toys are made with high-quality materials; some of these toys include a mouse, plush rats, shoes and food items.
Dog & Co Country Rat Dog Toy,...
  • Contains a Squeaker
  • Quality Soft Plush
  • Rural Animal Character
  • Latex Toys: Latex toys such as this latex chicken dog toy help Patterjacks to satisfy their biting urges, and it also keeps them busy for hours.
  • Rubber Toys: These toys help maintain your canine oral hygiene and also satisfy their chewing urges.

Where To Get A Patterjack

This breed can be quite difficult to get because the kennel club does not register them; you can easily purchase this breed from a breeder. Before you adopt this breed, make sure that you undertake checks on both parents and the puppies to be sure if they are healthy dogs.

Patterjack Health

Generally, Patterjacks are healthy dog breed, but it’s possible for them to be prone to certain health problem and diseases. These include:

  • Legg-Calve
  • Canine Hip Dysplasia
  • Eye problems
  • Glaucoma
  • Deafness
  • Perthes disease
  • Patellar Luxation

You might like to read about Patterdale terrier health problems which are similar to those of a Patterjack.

This breed requires lots of training, like the socialization, agility and obedient training, for you to get the best out of them. It’s not difficult to train this breed because they are very intelligent.

6 thoughts on “Introducing the Patterjack – Patterdale and Jack Russell Cross”

  1. We have a Patterjack and are intrigued by her straight leg way of walking and sleeping. Is this normal? Rather than her front legs curling over at the front joints, when she sleeps or lies at rest, they are straight and often straight in the air!

    • Wow we hear so many stories of Patterjacks doing this! You can mention it at the vets when you have a regular checkup, but in our experience this sleeping with stretched out legs is normal for them! Many Patterdales and Petterjacks also do what we call the ‘Patt splat’ where their legs stretch out behind them!!!

  2. Hello.
    I am another to but a patternack puppy. Would you advise to buy a pair if they are very sociable?

    Kind regards


    • It really depends on the dogs – some are ok in pairs, some aren’t. The best advice I can give is to try them a few times inside and out before you make a decision.

  3. I have an 18month old Patterjack, her mother was a short wire haired jack russell her father a patterdale jack russell mix. I am used to owning jacks and thought this dog would be exactly the same sort of breed, hence I’ve had to do alot of research on the Patterdale. She came from a litter of 5 working line pups, the 3 boys were what you’d call typical jack russell, the 2 girls were chocolate brown and tan, with a slight slope on her back end and long legs, she also has that ruff on the back of her neck and muscular shoulders she has green eyes unlike a jack which will have brown pools for eyes. I find my dog very energetic but very very chilled out, more than a jack russell, very sociable and very very very vocal. They’re a devil to train, but after 18 months she is pretty much at the stage she needs to be, great with kids but my friend gave me a puppy which I had to return as my little dog was heartbroken. Other than that what a great dog, small, cheap to feed, sleeps alot, nothing she likes better than sleeping underneath a duvet on the couch snuggled up and small enough to play with indoors when the weather is pants. A great pet and a good dog for terrier lovers, which is a very special dog owner. This dog will pick it’s favourite member of the family and stick to them like velcro, I am not that person, I’m pack leader, she much prefers my big old softy partner.


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