Long Line Dog Training for Recall

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Dogs are playful and curious creatures. It’s why we love them. But this can create difficulties as owners. Untrained dogs are likely to run off, get lost, or become injured. Therefore, it’s essential to train your dog to come back on your command. That way, you can sit back and watch them roam and explore, safe in the knowledge that you’re still in control. For this, you’ll need some long-line dog training for recall.

TagME 15M/50ft Long Dog Training...
Dog & Field™ 10 Meter Heavy Grade...
TagME 15M/50ft Long Dog Training...
Dog & Field™ 10 Meter Heavy Grade...
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TagME 15M/50ft Long Dog Training...
TagME 15M/50ft Long Dog Training...
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Dog & Field™ 10 Meter Heavy Grade...
Dog & Field™ 10 Meter Heavy Grade...

What is a long-line?

A long-line is a training leash used with dogs, fastened to a collar/harness (we use the perfect fit harness) – not to be confused with an extending leash as long-lines are always the same length. 

What you’ll need?

Before you begin, make sure you have:

  • A long line
  • Treats: To use as a reward
  • Plenty of space: Enough to use the full length of the lead, but make sure the area is safe and familiar
  • A firm, commanding voice

How to train your Dog

Attach the long-line to your dog’s collar/harness.

  • Allow your dog to roam. Try to keep the line loose on the ground. Your dog is free to explore within the boundaries of the line.
  • Towards the end of the line, call your dog by name, followed by ‘here’ or ‘come’.
  • Make sure to pet or give your dog a reward when they come back. Don’t repeat your command. 
  • Keep it up until they get it right every time.

Begin by using a 10m long-line to establish the basics. Progress to a 20-30m line after you are confident in your dog’s ability to follow commands. Next try letting go of the line, before finally removing it entirely. Make sure your dog is completely compliant before moving up a step. Don’t rush!

Remember, to keep the line on all the time while training. You don’t want to confuse the lesson. By taking the line off, your dog will learn that they only need to listen when wearing it, and are free to ignore you the rest of the time. Unless you trust your dog 100%, then the line should be attached. 

Which long-line lead should I buy?

Now you need to decide what lead to buy for long line dog training. Lines tend to come in two types: thick ribbon and thin rope. Generally, the latter is preferable as they are less likely to get caught or tangled.

Here are some of our favourites:

The TagME 10m/30ft Long Dog Train Lead is a great beginner’s line, perfect for use in all environments. Made from durable rock-climbing rope, it has a max tensile strength of 2000lbs (900kg). It is easily visible in blaze orange, and floats when submerged. The clip is also 360O rotatable for maximum mobility.

The Dog & FieldTM 10m Biothane Round Training Lead is pricier, but you definitely get your money’s worth. Made from biothane, the line is non-absorbent, snag-resistant, and easy to clean. Perfect for muddy environments when the lead is trailing through the undergrowth.

Dog & Field™ 10 Meter Heavy Grade...
  • 10 Meter Length x 8mm Diameter
  • Perfect For Recall Training and Deer Tracking
  • All The Benefits of Leather with Non of the Negatives

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