Best Grooming Dog Scissors

Dog scissors are designed for safe cutting of a dog’s hair and other body parts. Dog scissors enable trimming down a dog’s fur without causing it so much stress as compared to when you use normal scissors on your dog. Dog grooming requires skills and patience in addition to the right dog grooming tools. In order to ensure you do not cause your dog any harm, always use a pair of best dog grooming scissors particularly designed for cutting dogs’ hair.

Best Dog Grooming Scissors

A variety of dog scissors exists on the market ranging from very simple to more sophisticated. It is important you get your hands on the right type of dog scissors for you if you are planning to groom your dog at home.

Chibuy Curved Dog Grooming Scissors...
  • ✄ MAXIMUM SAFETY-ROUND TIPS ✄ Chibuy Pet Curved Scissors These dog grooming scissors has a safe blunt Round Tips for maximum safety, so you don’t need to worry about poking your pet’s skin or fur, especially when grooming face, eyes, ears, paws sensitive areas
  • ✄ 4CR STAINLESS STEEL-SHARP AND DURABLE ✄ Chibuy pet grooming scissors for cats and dogs. Using 4CR high-quality stainless steel blades, strong and sharp. Titanium coating makes pet scissors smooth, easy to clean, reduce friction, easy to trim and not worry pulling pet hair. Using this pets grooming scissors tools not only about saving, can also allow you to trim your pets easily at home. Convenient and safe.
  • ✄ COMFORTABLE HANDLE ✄ Pet Face Scissors With ergonomic handle design and non-slip Finger rings, Chibuy Dog Grooming Bending Shear can reduce discomfort of the fingers caused by long-term combing and protects your hands. Detachable Finger rings for larger finger use. Easy and confortable to handle and control.

The best dog grooming scissors will have a rounded end for safety – this ensures that the dog doesn’t get hurt if he or she moves quickly or unexpectedly. These ones are perfect for home grooming dogs with short hair that just needs a tidy or a trim:

Laazar Pro Dog Grooming Scissors,...
  • Professional and high quality dog scissors for a smooth, fast cut for the best pet groom ever. The sharp rounded tip will make it your go to shear when it come to your pets face, ear, nose, eye and paw. Or any style that requires precision and touch ups.
  • 4.5" Straight Blade is small enough to maneuver around the face. With the round tip, ball point adding safety; creating an easy and safe pet grooming experience. Sharp and easy to handle for professional groomers or home use. Ideal for all breed of cats, dogs or small animals.
  • Features include: Rounded ballpoint tip for safety. Removable, blue, jelled, comfort rings eases stress on hands while grooming. Attached finger rest for added comfort. Beautiful, polished, shiny finish that will stand out.

Choosing the right Dog Grooming Scissors

These tips can help you pick the best dog grooming scissors for your dog:

The first thing to consider is the size of the dogs’ body parts that will require cutting. This will determine the type of blade and handle length of the dog scissors. You should ensure you get a pair of sharp dog scissors that will provide you with accurate cutting and the required precision. If you are looking for a sharper cut, stainless steel blade will provide this. The types of hair your dog has will determine the type of blade to use in trimming them using a pair of dog scissors.

For cutting longer hair using a pair of dog grooming scissors, you should opt for an extended blade that is slightly curved to make it easy for you to cut with accuracy, like these Hashimoto stainless steel dog scissors:

HASHIMOTO Curved Scissors for Dog...
  • 【Sharpness】-- Material of Blade comes from Japanese 440C Stainless Steel; Make sure the sharpness,smooth.
  • 【Right & left handed】-- As the symmetrical handle, it can be used for right and left handed,also the curved shears can be used upward or downward without having to change scissors.
  • 【Light weight】-- Special designed for dog groomer,the light weight makes your hands feel more comfortable.

Ensure the blades are strong and made of stainless steel. The body part you intend to cut requires a pair of scissors with blades that will ensure you get the required precision. If you use a pair of dog grooming scissors on wet hair then dry them immediately after cutting them to prevent rusting.

You can buy your own pet grooming tools online from trusted online suppliers. Online shopping for all your pet needs is a lot easier and more convenient than visiting the pet store in your neighbourhood. It is also a great way to get all the supplies you need for grooming your pets at affordable prices.

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