Patterdale Collie Cross

The Patterdale collie cross was initially bred in Scotland as a working dog, herding sheep and driving cattle. Today, this hybrid breed has been adapted for different uses, such as show-dog competitions.

A Patterdale Collie is a breed of dog that are capable of hunting, carrying loads and guarding, as well as being good companions; they are generally described as being a crossbreed between a Patterdale Terrier and a Border Collie.

What does a Patterdale Collie Cross look like?

  • Patterdale collie crosses have been described as medium sized dogs.
  • Their height is around 32-40 cm and their weight is 15-25 kg.
  • They have long and coarse hair, which keeps them warm in harsh weather.
  • The colour of their fur is often gray with white markings on chest and legs.

Temperament and Personality

The Patterdale collie cross can be described as intelligent, active, alert and friendly. It has an extraordinary sense of smell which helps it to obey orders without any problem. Being smart and agile, the Patterdale collie cross can use its strong body to climb steep hills, chase prey or protect his family.

The behaviour of this dog varies depending on the type of environment where it got raised. If raised in a home with children, they will be very active and protective of their babies.

They are typically sensitive to cold weather and need extra care when temperatures drop below zero.

They can get along with other domestic dogs, but they should not be placed in a home with small animals such as cat or rabbit. It is said that the Patterdale collie may chase and even kill them. The Patterdale X collie is very protective of the people he knows and therefore will attack strangers without warning.

They may not be very good watchdogs because they are more interested in getting along with people!

Patterdale collie cross dogs were not bred to work indoors but still have been trained as house pets. They will learn tricks in a short period of time.

The Patterdale cross collie is not recommended for people who live an inactive lifestyle. They need to exercise every day and if they are not given the proper amount of daily activity, they can develop problems like depression and destructive behaviour.

They also love digging so their owners must be careful when letting them free in the garden.

The Patterdale collie cross sheds a lot but they are easy to raise because cleaning their hair can be done by brushing them regularly.

It is important to note that this breed has an acute sense of smell which will help him find prey if you are planning on making it hunt.

Health and Diet

They eat around 2 cups of food per day and their diet must be based on high quality protein.

As for the health issues, Patterdale collie cross dogs are generally healthy but they may suffer from problems like skin allergies, eye problems or hip dysplasia.

Because they have a hunting instinct, it is very important that they get trained early in life by an experienced trainer. It is also known that they may suffer from separation anxiety which may lead to destructive behaviour if left alone too often.

The Patterdale collie cross is not an easy dog to be raised if you are a beginner in raising dogs because there are many things you would have to take into consideration such as care, training and health.

Life Expectancy

Patterdale cross collies can live up to 15 years on average but bigger dogs may have a shorter lifespan.

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