Flea and Worm Treatment for Dogs

flea and worm treatment for dogs

One of the worst things to deal with as a dog owner is a parasite infestation. They can be quite unpleasant for your dog and getting them under control can be difficult. However, a regular preventative treatment routine can stop this from happening. Today we are talking about the best flea and worm treatment for … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Asparagus?

can dogs eat asparagus

Asparagus, while certainly not one of the most popular vegetables out there, is one that’s frequently questioned when it comes to whether dogs can eat it or not. Asparagus is rich in many essential nutrients, making it a healthy snack for humans; but what about dogs? Can Dogs eat Asparagus? Well, it depends… Like previously … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple

Can dogs eat Pineapple?

Fruit is essential to the diet of any dog; but knowing which fruits you can or cannot treat your little guy or girl to is something that makes a lot of pet owners very anxious. One of the most asked about fruits is the pineapple. Can dogs eat pineapple? Is it safe for your dog to … Read more

Worming Tablets for Dogs

dog worming tablets

Just like human children, dogs can get into all sorts of things that they shouldn’t. Snooting in leaf litter, checking out garden pests like slugs and snails or eating things that definitely are not food! Unfortunately, part of dog ownership means dealing with pesky parasites like worms. All dogs will carry worms, but keeping your … Read more

Histiocytoma In Dogs

histiocytoma in dogs

Finding a lump or bump on your dog’s body can be worrying and all sorts of things can fly through your mind. Is it cancerous? How long has that been there? Is my dog in pain? Thankfully, most Histiocytomas are harmless, and your dog will recover without any side effects. Today’s blog is all about … Read more

Can dogs have Mango?

Can dogs have Mango

Today on our Facebook page, I got asked ‘can dogs have Mango?’ It is always nice to give your dog a little treat every now and again and fruit is harmless, right? For dogs, some fruit can cause health issues as their digestive system is not designed to digest and absorb fruits. So, can you … Read more

Can dogs eat Apricots?

Can dogs eat Apricots

We all love to give our dogs a tasty treat from time to time, but it can be difficult to know what is safe. Giving treats with natural ingredients has become more popular in recent years, as has given fruit and veggies. There are plenty of foods that can be given safely in small amounts … Read more

Can dogs eat Chicken?

Can dogs eat chicken

Amongst the questions we commonly get asked by owners, what dogs can and can’t eat, is right up there. The topic is continually a source of confusion. After all, dogs and humans digest and metabolise differently. Therefore, we can’t just serve them the same grub we’re cooking for dinner. We all know dogs love a juicy … Read more