Diabetic Dog Food

diabetic dog food

Just like with humans, our furry friends can develop canine diabetes. This is caused by the body’s inability to produce a hormone called Insulin, which controls the levels of sugar absorbed into the blood after eating. Dogs need this sugar as it provides cells around the body with energy so they can function normally. Most … Read more

Sardines for Dogs

Sardines for Dogs

If you know about the little stinky fish with the eyes that come in that metal tin from the cartoons, you know about sardines. These stinky weird fish, as odd as it may be, are packed full of nutrients and are actually very healthy for humans and dogs the same. Although smelly and a bit … Read more

Bakers Dog Food

Bakers Dog Food

The Purina owned Baker’s is a brand of dog treats and snacks, as well as dry and wet dog food. Bakers took its roots in 1851 as a family-run company out of Suffolk who was passionate about developing nutritious dog food in addition to having a taste enjoyed by most canines. With the support of … Read more

Butchers Dog Food

Butchers dog food review

The Butchers brand of dog food has been operational in England for over a quarter of a century. They believe that every dog deserves a nutritious meal to keep them healthy and happy. They also believe that our favorite canine friends should enjoy the taste.  Butchers are committed to always using natural ingredients and obtaining … Read more

Forthglade Dog Food Review

Forthglade dog food review

Forthglade is a UK based company producing healthy and tasty food and treat options with recipes specifically designed for dogs with sensitive stomachs. They also have recipes available for common allergies. Only high-quality ingredients are used across their ranges and there are no added preservatives, sugars or grain fillers making forthglade dog food an excellent … Read more

Burns Dog Food Review

Burns dog food

Much like any other living creature, our dogs often deal with health-related or environmentally fuelled issues that affect their health and general well being. They are susceptible to allergies and digestive issues, so they may require dietary assistance with specialized dog food to help them get a nutritious meal and not have them make them … Read more