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The Brown Patterdale Terrier is a beautiful breed that originate from the heart of the Lake District. They came about due to their practicality on farms as a working dog in the late 18th century, but nowadays, many people love to have them as household pets. 

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the key facts about the Brown Patterdale Terrier:

– They’re reasonably small, weighing on average about 11-13 pounds, and measuring between 25 and 38 centimetres tall.

– They have few health problems linked to their specific breed. However, there are some diseases to be weary of, such as cataracts and conjunctivitis. 

– They’re not as yappy as similar breeds. Patterdale terriers tend not to bark too often. 

All Riled up!

Although, as just stated, they are not a particularly loud breed, they are extremely energetic. This makes them great for owners who like to get out and exercise a lot, and also make them great for families with kids who love to play with their canine friends.

They love running about and chasing things, and due to their background in hunting, they are great at searching for balls and other toys you throw about. 

The only downside to their temperament is that if they are not let out enough, they can become very bored and may resort to running about inside your home, which could lead to mass destruction. So make sure you’re able to take them out on a regular basis.

When it comes to training them, it can be slightly more difficult that most dogs, but you’ll get there eventually; it’ll just take time.

Brown Patterdale Terrier

Colour and Coat

Like most dog breeds, the Patterdale Terrier comes in different colours and types of coat. There are three types of coat on the Patterdale; all three are very distinct and can be easily distinguished from one another.

The first is the smooth coat variation: This type can be identified by their short, glossy coats. 

The second is the broken coat variation: This type may at first seem similar to the smooth coat variation, but after feeling their coat, you’ll realise their coat doesn’t have the same glossy texture; it’s a lot more course. They also have slightly longer whiskers. 

The final variation is the rough coat: This type is the most identifiable, with much longer hair than the other two varieties, not just on the body, but on the face and other features as well. This coat is extremely protective, especially against harsh weather. 

As for colour, Brown Patterdale’s come in couple different colours: bronze, tan, chocolate, brindle, liver, and dark brown. 

If the dog has white patches and markings across its coat, this is indicative of cross breeding, usually with similar breeds. However to be considered traditional or pure/pedigree Patterdale Terrier, these marking mustn’t be there.

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