High Energy Dog Breeds

Dog owners in search of a new dog to welcome into their family will often be faced with many choices. One thing that tends to confuse potential owners is the sheer variety of dog breeds on offer, along with all the different sizes and coat types available for each breed. Active families who enjoy the outdoors are well suited to high energy dog breeds. here are some of our favourites:

Patterdale Terrier

Of course, the energetic and fiesty Patterdale Terrier had to be at the top of our list! Originally bred in the Lake District (Cumbria) for hunting foxes and badgers, they have endless amounts of energy. As a result, Patterdales tend to do well in countryside settings where they can be let off the lead to run free (as long as they are well trained and behave when they do so!)

Jack Russell Terrier

Another dog with a high prey drive is the popular Jack Russell Terrier. They make excellent ratters on farms and are one of the most favoured British breeds. And it’s understandable – how can resist that gorgeous masked face? A Jack Russell terrier should not deceive you – those little legs can keep going for miles and miles. Expect to walk for at least 2-3 hours before he starts to get tired!

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog is always going to be one of the most popular breeds of dog on the planet. This is a very versatile working breed that has been used for military and police duties all over the world. Their intelligence makes them easy to train, even if your only previous experience is with an excitable Labrador Retriever!

The German Shepherd Dog has the highest level of Anxitane in its body which (along with other chemicals) helps to give it a higher tolerance for exercise and pain. This means that it can run faster for longer than most other breeds of dog.

Border Collie

The Border Collie is a very intelligent breed of dog that adapts to its habitat and uses its intelligence to earn a living. They are widely known as one of the most efficient herding dogs in the world, with many owners proudly showing off their dogs skills at sheepdog trials. A Border Collie can adapt to any situation where it encounters livestock herding.

The Border Collie is the fastest dog breed in terms of movement – even outrunning many horses! Many farmers also use them to round up cattle, as well as sheep. The Border Collie needs plenty of exercise on a regular basis, and this could include anything from running alongside a bicycle to herding sheep.

Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the UK. It may be surprising that this breed often comes from animal shelters, rather than being bred by professional breeders. Despite its menacing appearance, the Bull Terrier is actually very loyal and loving towards its owner, and also enjoys the company of other dogs.

The Bull Terrier is definitely a high energy dog breed with regular exercise needed to keep it fit. Most owners find that jogging or running alongside a bicycle are the best ways to help their dog stay fit.


The Newfoundland is a large dog with an amazing talent for swimming. This breed of dog was traditionally used to rescue drowning people from the shoreline and is capable of rescuing people in icy water which would otherwise be impossible to reach. Aside from its heroic past, this breed of dog is also affectionate towards its owners and enjoys a good game of fetch.

The Newfoundland is generally very gentle with children, especially when they are puppies. However, as the dog matures it can be trained to respond more aggressively if it needs to protect its owner from an intruder or danger. The Newfoundland has been used for many years by the police and armed forces, as they have a high resistance to pain.

Border Terrier

Now seriously, who can resist the scruffy little Border Terrier face? These well built and energetic little terriers may surprise you – they could give the big dogs a run for their money. Be aware that as with all terriers, his prey drive will be strong. Don’t be surprised if you lose him while he’s off chasing squirrels or rabbits!

Australian Shepherd

High Energy Dog Breeds

When most people think of high energy dog breeds, they don’t imagine the Australian Shepherd. This athletic herder was actually bred with livestock in mind, and it needs plenty of room for a good run. While the Australian Shepherd is capable of living in an apartment with regular walks to the park, owners should make sure that it gets plenty of time out in a field.

The Australian Shepherd loves nothing more than being around children and the elderly so it can continue its herders training. It will sense if someone needs protecting and will be there to help them.

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