Long Haired Patterdale Terrier

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If you own a long haired Patterdale Terrier, or are looking into buying one, then this article will tell you all that you need to know about the long haired version of this beloved breed.

The Patterdale Terrier is a breed that descends from the terriers of the 18th century. Despite being a terrier, a breed known for being ‘yappy’, Patterdales are significantly less ‘yappy’ than other terriers.

The Patterdale Terrier is a magnificent breed that is popular amongst British farming circles due to the dog’s incredible hunting and guarding abilities. The Patterdale Terrier has a small but athletic build with short legs with a defined muzzle and small triangular drooped ears. They also traditionally have docked tails in order to avoid injury when working and hunting. They have either rough or smooth coats and come with long or short hair. Most commonly they are black in colour with white markings on their feet and sometimes chest, although you also get them grizzle coloured, chocolate, bronze, liver, black and tan, and red. They are highly intelligent animals that are also extremely energetic due to their origins as working dogs. Although, they are kind dogs and can make for great family pets

Patterdales with smooth coats means that their hair is dense and stiff/short. Whereas those with broken coats have longer guard hairs that are slightly longer and rougher in texture. Rough coats bring longer hair. Sometimes the longer coats can be slightly wavy and can give your Patterdale prominent eyebrows, a beard, and a moustache. 

However, even the long haired Patterdale Terriers do not require excessive grooming. Short haired Patterdales only require a simple brush weekly. You should brush them in the direction of their coat and make sure to remove any loose hair or dirt as you do so. Long haired Patterdales may require a little extra effort, but nothing drastic.

To groom your long haired Patterdale you may need to dampen their fur first by spraying them with some water to help you to get the tangles out, this should also be done weekly. They do not require haircuts unless the hair between their toes grows too long, all you have to do is trim them with a pair of dog grooming scissors. You don’t even need to take them to the grooming salon to look after a long haired Patterdale Terrier efficiently. Their coat is easily managed and does not require much effort at all. The most effort you will have to put into your long haired Patterdale Terrier is a bath around every 6 months unless they get super muddy and are in need of one of course. 

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To give your Patterdale a bath, it is wise to brush them first, making sure to remove any excess hair and dirt. You should buy a good dog shampoo, you can check the reviews for the shampoo in order to make sure that dog owners are happy with the outcome. When washing your dog, make sure to wash their head last – if you wash it first then you should prepare yourself for your dog shaking and drenching you in water and shampoo. You should then get a towel ready for drying your dog when it comes out of the bath. 

Long haired Patterdales have the same temperament as short haired Patterdales. The personality traits of a Patterdale Terrier include being bold and confident. They are more of a working dog which is not uncommon among terriers, known for their ability to search for prey with their energetic nature and determination. They are extremely high energy animals that can be difficult to socialise with other dogs for this reason. They were originally bred to be energetic and to pursue prey, however because of this it makes them rather too energetic for an ordinary household. This makes the breed particularly popular amongst farming households. They are often used to guard sheep and other livestock from foxes and other animals. Making them good hunters as well. However, due to this instinct, it does add to their difficulty in socialising as anything smaller than them they often see as prey. They can be known for being aggressive and stubborn, so when owning one, it is important to show them early on who is boss and to socialise them.

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