Fox Dog Toy

Fox Dog Toy

Dog’s love to play and exercise is also important in keeping your dog healthy and well behaved. A fox dog toy is a cute toy that terriers will love to bite, tug, and shake – satisfying their natural prey drive.  So, what are some of the best available fox toys for your four-legged friend? Here … Read more

Interactive Dog Toys

interactive dog toys

Let’s get it straight, your dog loves, and will love nothing more than you. All your four-legged friend wants is to have your attention, play, and pass all their quality time with their favourite hooman. Now we both know that is not something easy to do, we have works, maybe all the family members do … Read more

Terrier Toys your Dog will Love

Terrier Toys

All terriers are highly intelligent and active dogs. That’s why terrier toys are so important. Keep a fair few different types of toys at home for your terrier such as raggas (tug-o-war), balls, plush dog toys and treat dispensers. This week, we asked Blake the Patterdale terrier what should be the top terrier toys and … Read more