Best Food for Patterdales

Terriers such as Jack Russells and Patterdale terriers generally have quite a sturdy stomach! But it’s still important to find a food that suits your dogs taste and stomach. Diet has a big impact on your dogs health and coat. So, what is the best food for terriers?

Why a Healthy Diet is so important for your Dog

Patterdale terriers are a very active breed. You love them as part of your family and want them to live a long, happy and healthy life, so getting your dogs diet right is essential. Your dogs diet is so important because it can impact on:

  • Stomach and digestion
  • Teeth and gum health
  • Coat and nails
  • Muscle and Joint Health
  • Overall Canine health

Remember that it is important to seek advice from your vet on your dogs diet, particularly if your dog has an underlying medical condition or chronic disease.

Dry or wet food for Patterdales?

Firstly, you will need to decide between wet food and dry food (kibble). We actually decided to continue with the food that our Blake was given at the centre, which was dried kibble. They had him on Chappie because he had an upset stomach (they think it was colitis) the week before he went up for adoption. So keeping your dog on the diet recommended by the breeder or shelter is always a good option.

Dry food is very cost effective. As they crunch the kibble there are benefits of dry dog food to a dogs dental health – it effectively cleans their teeth as they eat! It is also very easy to store – you don’t need to worry about food spoilage or keeping it in the fridge. If your Patterdale terrier has a sensitive stomach or does very smelly farts then these could also be reasons to have your terrier on a dry dog food.

However, wet food can be better for dogs as it contains less carbohydrates and more water to hydrate your dog. It is also nice and stinky and tasty! Sometimes we do offer Blake some wet dog food on a licky mat as a treat during stressful times (such as new visitors or during fireworks).

Some dog owners like to choose raw food for their Patterdales. Some of the highlights of raw include good joint and bone health, a strengthened immune system and reduced stool volume and colour (yep less stinky toots).

What is the Best food for Terriers?

Here’s a selection of the best food for Patterdales, tried and tested by us with our terriers over the years. Our top picks include Chappie, Lily’s Kitchen, ZENOO and Butternut Box.

Chappie – Best Kibble for Patterdales

As we have mentioned, Chappie kibble is what we feed our Blake. Chappie is excellent value for money and easy to store. We buy it in bulk and always keep a spare bag in the cellar. Chappie is easily digestible and low in fat. There are a few different flavours including Chappie Original, Complete with Chicken or Beef and Wholegrain. We supplement Blakes diet with healthy dog treats and cooked sausage or chicken for a special snack.

Lily’s Kitchen – Best Wet Dog Food

Lily’s Kitchen is out top choice of wet dog food for Patterdales. The classic multipack has some extremely tasty option including influenced by that often coveted ‘human food’ – Cottage Pie, Lamb Hotpot and Chicken and Turkey Casserole. Lily’s kitchen use proper ingredients such as fresh meat, fruit and veg to give your dog a complete balanced diet. Lily’s kitchen also have tasty treats, kibble and vegan dog food options available!

ZENOO – Best Freeze Dried (RAW) dog Food for Patterdales

ZENOO is the most convenient way to feed your dog raw. It is subscription based – delivered straight to your doorstep. The highest quality of raw ingredients are freeze dried using NASA technology which saves 99% of nutritional value! The result is a nutritious and easy to serve raw dog food that does not require refrigeration (a main stumbling block to the usual fresh and raw options). It is human-grade and 100% natural ingredients, no sugars, fillers and other nasties (balanced by certified nutritionists).  There are four tasty options of ZENOO – Pork, Chicken, Turkey or Beef all with amazing health benefits. Simply add the chunks to your dogs bowl and add water.

Butternut Box – Best Fresh Dog Food for Home Delivery

If you are looking for a tasty fresh dog food to be delivered to your door then we really recommend Butternut Box. Butternut Box use fresh and tasty human quality met and veg gently cooked to make a complete meal for your pooch. It’s grain free and great for fussy eaters. The great thing about Butternut Box is that they will personalise a food plan to your dog. The meals arrive frozen, and so you can store them in the freezer and then defrost them in the fridge.

What about you, what do you feed your Patterdale terrier? Do you use wet dog food or kibble? What is your favourite brand? We’d love to hear from you – please comment on our blog below. Woof!

9 thoughts on “Best Food for Patterdales”

  1. Hi Mary-Jo,

    I totally relate and feel for you. My patterdale girl is on Butcher’s choice wet food and some days she isn’t keen at all. Dry food is the last resort choice if she is practically starving. She loves human meaty food like lamb meatballs, boiled beef or chicken. Fussy and gorgeous as you know. Good luck!

  2. I feed my Patterdale Origen puppy kibble with grains. Does anyone else have a problem with your dog eating everything and anything? Mine swallowed a needle thankfully he was able to regurgitate it out amongst dirt and weeds that he tends to chew on when he goes to play in the yard. Another time he coughed up pretty much the same stuff and I found a little Bolt inside of what he vomited. He will eat whatever is in his path he also pulls on the leash terribly. He is definitely a handful!!!

  3. I use Forthglade senior grain free wet food with an addition of some More senior kibble. My 11 year old Patterdale Bailey has never refused that except when he was ill and then only for a day or so. As a treat I cook fresh chicken thighs as an addition or when he’s been unwell as he has over the last several months. In the last few years I’ve also added a nutritional powder supplement called Canine Prime. May be unnecessary but he’s always had a very shiny coat at least and lost little of his energy and playfulness!
    Sadly this may be his last year as he’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
    Had him for 8 years from a rescue at 3 and he’s made a massive difference to my life. I knew this day would come but would definitely look at homing a Patterdale again!

  4. I feed Milo carnilove grain free wild boar and lamb kibble..and beef and green tripe mince..he gets that a few times a week….

  5. My Paterdale is the same. One day you can’t fill him the next he doesn’t eat.
    For the most part he eats wet food with kibble mixed, but will not entertain anything without cheese on it.

  6. I agree with all your comments I have a boy patterdale and he is the fussiest dog I’ve ever come across when I first had him as a puppy he was in raw food he liked it for a while but went off it he doesn’t like any fish like food so I had to get him some omega 3 that I can add to his food

    I then tried him on dry food and he likes it but prefers wet he likes the both together!

    I tried him on lily kitchen but found it was very expensive and he got board of the same food

    I’ve tried him on canned food from supermarkets and he was ok but got board of the flavours again so every week i had to rotate the flavours and the brand!

    He has now after 2 yrs finally settled with aldi canned food and has been enjoying this but I’m cautious that he is not getting the right Benefits for his health if anyone could recommend that would be great

  7. I’m very lucky going by the above comments. I’ve two patterdales and they both eat everything from dry food to chicken , chicken liver, Turkey , mince. I change it around so they seem happy:)


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