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Patterdale terriers are not the kind of dog that can be left alone for long periods. Therefore a Patterdale is not a great idea for a family that are out at work from 9-5 daily. However, it is possible to leave a Patterdale for a short amount of time depending on the dog and how long you need to be out.

Patterdale Terriers and Separation Anxiety

Unfortunately, because Patterdales are extremely loyal and affectionate to their owners, they are prone to separation anxiety when left alone. This can manifest itself in destructive and noisy behaviours such as chewing and howling.

To combat separation anxiety in Patterdales it’s a good idea to leave them for short periods of time first and then build it up, so that they know you always return. Also, don’t make a fuss when you leave or get back – just act as if it is normal (which it is!)

You can consider trying so techniques to distract your dog such as Kongs or the Licky Mat for dogs – fill them with tasty treats such as liver paste, forthglade wet dog food or doggy peanut butter and then they can spend time licking it off! Of course, don’t leave a dog alone with a toy or licky mat unless you have supervised him with it beforehand and know that this will be ok.

licky mat for dogs
Patterdale terrier enjoying a Licky Mat

How long can Patterdale Terriers be left alone?

For Patterdale puppies, they should not be left alone for more than 2 hours. Puppies need frequent interaction and need to be let out to the toilet often while they are toilet training. For adult dogs they can be left alone for 4-6 hours as long as they are comfortable with it. Elderly Patterale terriers can be left alone from 2-6 hours depending on issues such as medication and needing the toilet.

What kind of Person/Family make good Patterdale owners?

The ideal family for a Patterdale Terrier is a family who have a varied working schedule so that there can always be someone at home with the dog. It should be an active person, couple or family that have a lot of time to spend outdoors with the dog hiking, playing and maybe cycling. A couple who work from home and enjoy daily walks with extended hikes at weekends are ideal for a Patterdale terrier.

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